Aug 20, 2009

Pledge: Just the tongue thing? Not like his penis?
Mallory: Hahahaha! Yes, just tongue. I am literally cracking up.
Pledge: Haha.
Mallory:"Well, if you didn't give a blow job, it didn't count." --Pledge's thought
i sure hope this is all in my head, cause then i could get it out. but i don't know how to get it out. why would i make this up? this is a weird thing to make up.

-pledge's reflections on her previous quote


do you ever feel like your tongue is too big for your mouth? Cause thats how i feel right now.

Its like pressing against my teeth.

I guess maybe my teeth could have moved. But that would be weird. why would my teeth move backwards.

i'm serious! i tried to look in the mirror to see, but it's hard to look at your tongue in a normal place in your mouth when it's open.

I wonder if this is how Gene Simmons feels.

Aug 5, 2009

most amazing conversation ever:
me: "yea, dons guns is on 38th and lafayette, where pledge works."
mom: "why don't you take over pledge's job for the summer?"

Aug 3, 2009

pledgie and peggy

talking about aim screen names

peggy: and the story behind yours...
peggy: ?
pledge: longview is a greenday song that was one of my favs when i made it in hs and 203 is my area code
pledge: well done
Breakaway Zzz: what is the song about?
pledge: masterbation

here is a bonus quote:
jenna: on your fb it says you are interested in men. ???
pledge: why?
jenna: i just didnt know you swung that way
pledge: there was no "black men" button