Mar 29, 2009

Bin Thought

Remember when we were going to put our thoughts up in the bathroom. Are we going to do that?
this morning, i drank water. it tasted like beer. oops.

Mar 28, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Boxed wine is much better in New Zealand than in the U.S.

I thought Mrs. Susan was a slut for a few days. 

I will believe anything.

People who are funny without trying are the funniest. 

Im so proud of Soda club.

How did pledge get so high up in that tree? The one in her photography picture.

Mar 26, 2009

my life... right now. It could be worse though, I suppose. I'm eager to see what my life is going to be like a year from now, considering that I never would have dreamed a year ago that all this would have happened. Whatever. I love you guys.

Tri Delta

Tri Delta's letterhead is legit. EO however, is not.

Bin Thought

Are Jenna, pledge, L Flynn, Scolesies, Mallory going to be online so I can talk to them tomorrow?

Mar 25, 2009


?????<---this describes the week i have been having.
it's weird that breathing in is called inspiration. i wonder if i breathe in a lot if i will be more inspired.

Mar 23, 2009

i saw a magazine on the coffee table at td and it said white house mom. and i thought it was weird that they were talking about house mom's who happened to be white, but michelle obama was on the cover. oops.

if i was born earlier, my hair would have been perfect for the eighties. bon jovi would have been jealous.

Bin Thought

All of you are my role models.

Mar 22, 2009

today i drove through my first drive thru. drive thru's are stupid and waste a lot of gas. maybe if i couldn't walk or had a sleeping baby in the car all the time they would be okay. there should be a law that those are the only people who are allowed to use them.

last night at work we charged a guy a dollar to use the bathroom. and he actually paid it. awesome.

Mar 19, 2009

Mar 18, 2009


I made macaroni and cheese. Yum. 

I am full.

I like chocolate. 

I want to watch Butler win on Friday my time. I dont know if it will be on TV here though. 

Mallory smokes? 

ebin sounds like l bin. Kind of.
it's awesome to have amazing friends.

or is it amazing to have awesome friends?

Mar 17, 2009

Silly Titles

Also, Laura's post about horse planes is called "I wonder what a horse plane is. It's hard to tell." because she neglected to write any title for the post. That sounds legit except when you read the post, you realize that the sentences are from different thoughts. Therein lies the brilliance.

I Suck at Blogging

I feel bad that I haven't thought in awhile.

Wait, I meant posted on the thoughts blog!

...or did I?

I put a sign in the Guinness drawer that says "Guinness jar (drawer) St. Patty's 2009". This is funny because one time I thought Pledge said "jar" when she actually said "drawer" and I wasted a good minute looking for any jars with anything in them before I realized Pledge in from Connecticut and says "draw" instead of "drawer".

I always notice the spell check on this and other blogs. I use it regularly.

Today I decided that it's boring to be white. I'm not even Irish. Sadly, I will never be a comedian, civil rights leader or a record label owner because I am plain and white. (Also, I question my validity in any of those professions in the first place, but that is beside the point.)

I hate it when people say, "I could care less" because that is not really what they mean to say. Do you really mean to say that there is an instance where you could care less about that which you are speaking? I think what they really mean to say it "I COULDN'T care less." People who say "I could care less" sound fickle or like idiots. I am sorry if you use that terribly structured phrase.

Radiohead is AWESOME.

I can't wait to drink Guinness out of the Guinness jar!

L. Bin, you will think this is funny: When JFK and I went to Memphis, we stopped at this gas station to get cigarettes and pee. I asked the lady at the counter for American Spirits to which she replied, "Whaaaat?". "American Spirits." "What do you mean American Spirits?" "Cigarettes." "Oh! I was gonna say, the only American Spirits we've got are over there." She proceeded to point at the corner where all the liquor was. Hahahaha!
sometimes i think the song 'ebin' by sublime could be applied to people that are in pharmacy school.

yea, another white castle thought...

-Sometimes, when I have 10 sliders in my body at once, I think that my digestive system would thank me if I ate a piece of fruit for every slider I ate.

-I hate taking showers. They are such a hassle. That is why I don't take them very often.

-Hey el bin! I don't know if you heard, but I kissed Jim last week, haha...however, I didn't kiss him for 3 hours straight like pledge did...ugh. Stupid pledge. Big says that all of her friends are using Jim and that nobody ever goes far with him and I think she's right. He's such an easy target! Oh well, I'm sure nel can take care of business if the situation ever arises.

Mar 16, 2009

why do people spell mcdonald's macdonald's? didn't they sing old mcdonald had a farm when they were little? or is that just a poor people song?

today in class this kid was wearing a visor. i do not understand visors. i suppose i get them kind of chicks, because you need some place to put your ponytail. and it's annoying in a hat if your hair is all on your neck and stuff, speaking as someone with a lot of hair. i however, chose a headband or something instead of a visor. mostly because i am not heinous. but for guys, i do not understand a visor. they are hats with the head cut out! what the truck. they look weird. i do not like visors.

i also don't understand why people think the bathroom should smell good. especially shared bathrooms. a lot of people poop. actually, everyone poops. no one has good smelling poop, and some people have poop that smells worse than other people's poop. but either way, poop will never smell good. we should just not have the expectation that the bathroom needs to smell good. and it won't be such a big deal. now, i don't particularly like the smell of poop, but i find with good ventilation that it dissipates quickly enough and that i don't need to spend hours in a bathroom anyway. i can smell a bad smell for the few minutes it takes me to use the bathroom. i smell smells that smell not good on a regular basis, but that we don't spray chemicals into the air to mask. like, gasoline. i do not like that smell. but there is not freaking air fresheners at the gas station. because it just smells like that. the point of it is to supply gas, so you expect it to smell like gas. the point of a bathroom is a nice place to poop and urinate. so why don't we expect it to smell like poop from time to time. it is only chicks and effeminate men that have this problem.

you want to know something that smells really bad? stomach bile. i took care of bile and urine everyday for an entire summer and did not spray an air freshener once. i think stomach bile smells worse than poo.

i'm going to take a bath now, i hope the bathroom still smells like j'little's vomit. that would be a comforting and lovely smell.

Mar 15, 2009

Dear L Bin...

Today Jenner and Laura and I went to MacDonalds on 38th. The black guy behind the counter said he used to work at Butler and thought we were all Freshman because he had never seen us before, except me. Yes, the black guy from 38th street said he'd seen me, but not Jenna or Laura.
i post on this blog from my school computer a lot - the blog has spell check.
i do love macs though.

By The Way

In my previous post my mac did in fact tell me that I spelled doesnt wrong. I just ignored it. Then I was like shit. I spelled something wrong again.

Mac's Rule

The blog doenst have spell check. Mac's do. That is why apple and I get along so well (among many many other reasons). Also that is one reason why Apple is the greatest company in the world!!!


Mar 14, 2009


I was just thinking that I really can't wait to go back to Tri Delta. In Indiana. Yes, I just said that.

Wait, I think I actually meant it too.

Also, either way I go I'm going home to Flynn...Crazy!!!


I agree. I just looked there and the sale section isn't the same with out you Lauren. The dresses, sweaters, tops (I think that's our order) just didn't look as cute as when we look at them together.

On another note, which you will probably also appreciate, I really love the J.Crew typography. I mean who thought to not put a space between the J and the C, but just a period. AND, it still looks good in lowercase, wtf!!! I forget what the real term is for the spacing between letter, I think it starts with an l maybe.


There seems to be much confusion going on here, so I will clarify for you, Laura:

Obviously, all the posts about black people are J Little's.
The jcrew one is her's too. Although, I might actually say that one day.
Also, a horse plane is a plane with a bunch of horses. You fly with the horses to New Zealand and you get to fly for free as long as you take care of the horses on the way. Now, I would totally do that, except there has to be a catch. I mean, that just sounds too easy. How hard is it to take care of a horse for a million hours? Do you think you actually have to do anything. Maybe feed them hay. I wonder if they provide the hay or if you have to bring your own. I don't own any, so that could be a problem when I want to visit Lauren. Remember in grade school when you would say "Hey" and your teachers would tell you not to say that because "Hay" is for horses? Did that ever happen to you?

Mar 13, 2009

i wonder what a horse plane is.

it's hard to tell what posts of little flynn's j'little has messed around with. it hurts my brain.

bagpipes are sweet.

i am a girlfriend cliche cause i made ryan dinner last night. he paid for the food, i bought the beer.

this blog has spell check, i don't know why i am the only one who realizes that.

Mar 12, 2009

Bin Thoughts

I should clean my room.

I really cant stop thinking how much freakin fun we would have when you all come to visit. You should ride on a horse plane. It is free. 

I am going kayaking tomorrow. If I die Scoliesies can take my spot in Soda club. 

When you are at the bottom of a mountain it looks bigger than when you are at the top.

I'm cold.

I get free washing and drying. Hahahahahahaha. Lovely. 

Almost everyone has posted about being in an airport. 

Laura thinks avocados are good. She is right. 

Looking at J Crew is not fun without pledge. So I havent looked.

The people I live with are funny. The other day I heard Mike say to Josh. "yeah, girlfriends are great. You should get one. They do stuff like make you breakfast." It would be funnier if you knew them. Also a different day I came home and Mike was cutting cardboard. I was like what are you doing. He was like i am making an eagle costume. Also Josh plays the bagpipes and the celtic guitar. He got a really sweet beer poster because he ordered in Russian to the Russians at the Beer Festival. 


So, my conclusion of today is this: Connecticut is awesome (besides the Easton cops). Therefore, my parents are going to have to move to a different state far far away. This way, they are sure not to ruin my Connecticut experience. New England in general is off limits for them as well, seeing as it is equally as awesome. They only have about a year to do this so they better get on top of things.

Reservoirs are pretty.


I was walking today and I thought I heard someone say L Bin and I got sooooo excited. Then I was like oh never mind.
cheerios can be sharp if you eat them fast.

Mar 11, 2009

Pledge Thoughts

So, the other day when I was at the airport, I had so many thoughts and just couldn't stop thinking. Good thing Jenna reminded me to write them down. Here it goes...

First of all I saw this lady at the airport who looked like a freaking winter ice princess or something. She had on really tall boot/heals and had a long coat on that had lots of fur around the wrists and bottom. And, her hair was super long and straight and she had bangs and it was almost white it was so blonde. It was weird. And it was in Chicago, not the Arctic.

Anyway, you know when you're a kid and you read/watch fairy tales where the prince is perfect, and he falls in love with the girl and they live happily ever after? And when you're reading this to some little girl you tell her "you know this isn't what happens in real life? Princes like this don't really exist." Well, why don't we learn from that still?? I mean ppl love Twilight (me included). They believe or hope or something that there is someone like Edward (minus the bloodsucking habits) out there. I mean shouldn't ppl know by now that a) there probably isn't anyone out there like that and b) even if there is, whats the chance YOU are going to marry that person. Like, really? Maybe we all just want what we can't have. Who knows?

I have a staring problem sometimes. And, no, not my bitchface staring problem, another one. You know when someone is different or has really cute clothes on or in this case is missing a leg? Well, I always want to stare. Not to be rude or make fun of them or anything but just cause I am genuinly curious. I want to know what happened to him and when and how, etc. Or, where that person got that really cute shirt.

This blog thing should have spell check.

Sometimes its nice to just be someone in the crowd. Not all the time, just every once in awhile. Airports are good for that. Unless you're someone famous. Which I'm not. Yet. Then I will have to find a new place. jk.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Annoying ppl are annoying!

Ugh, I hate it when food looks really good but tastes bad. Its like, nooooo, I just wasted all my hunger on you!!!!!!!

Sometimes I really want to go to Detroit and find black people to have sex with, but the jet never has gas in it.

I'm really jealous that Sister Hillman and Mallory are going to Memphis. There are so many black people there!

I am going to try to get a diversity scholarship like Sister Hillman. Then I can impress the black guys I meet and maybe one will finally show me his big black dick.

I hope my babies come out already wearing J Crew. 

Bin Thought

I think it is funny when Jenna just posts thoughts because I made her and she is obviously not into doing it but then she does it and realizes she is into it so she has to keep posting again and again because she starts thinking a lot. 

I am never going to go to the airport with L Flynn. I hate running after people who drop shit. When I see it happens I go through the same procedure every time:

1. watch the item fall to the ground in slow motion.
2. Look around for someone else who saw it happen so I can stare blankly while they try to return it so I dont have to.
3. Realize I was the only one who saw.
4. Contemplate how important that item really is to the person who dropped it.
5. Think to my self "people only drop very important items"
6. Finally pick up the item and awkwardly run after the person. 
7. Awkward.

what is with adults who sit around and talk shit about their families and fellow passengers in the airport right now?
i don't care what your wife busted you putting in your grocery cart the other day. grow up, buy whatever you want, don't marry women who don't let you get cheeze-its damn it.
also - this chick with these two guys that i want to tell to shut up is talking about her awkward years and they just said "i don't know what you are talking about." this is not a freaking new idea - everyone has awkward years. you truckers are apparently still in them, because you always know when you were awkward looking back on it.
i'm so glad i'm not a middle aged old man with a pot belly who apparently singed his eyebrows in high school chemistry.

i am an airport charity case today. first, my sister somehow persuaded me to print my boarding pass before i got to the airport and i was like okay whatever - it's you ink. but i only printed page 1 of 1. turns out, that first sheet you print is you interary. i don't care - it isn't hard to freaking remember two flights. so..i give it to the security guy and he's like "uhh... do you have your ticket" and i asked if that was it and he said no. and then i was like "guess i'd better go get it then" and he laughed. so i go get it, no big deal. and when ig et up there again he asks me if i had any trouble and i told him i didn't and that was what i usually did and that i shouldn't have tried to change my routine. then! i'm walking to my gate and somehow i drop my jacket and i don't notice it at all. some guy follows me a bit calling me miss and stuff (way better than ma'am, awesome). and he's like oh i think you dropped this. word. then! i'm walking the five feet to a seat to sit in and this other guy comes after me and hands me my boarding passes (that i worked so hard to print out). apparently they fell out of my pocket. thank goodness i was in the south, we're everyone is pleasant and nice. snort. but really, i have no complaints about these oh so nice peoiple in the airport. glad the public took care of me, cause clearly i could not do it myself.

it's funny how drawing calms me down more than writing a lot of the time. especially because i have no artisitic talent. i suppose music has the biggest effect in terms of calming or feeling emotions though. playing or listening. i need to bring my trombone to school. my roommates would love it. i don't have any real musical talent either - but "i dig music."

this airline has decided to give out free drinks again. and...entire cans of juice! or maybe that's just on this flight cause there are only twelve people on it and if i just got a cup of tomato juice, no one else would want the rest. cause there are not many people, get it?

four and a half days was the perfect amount of time for me to actually be gone during spring break, since so many (but not all) of the people i love are at home right now. i have been hardcore looking forward to my return to indianapolis. but i definitely had fun in north carolina.

spring is my favorite season because things bloom. and i love that day when all of a sudden everything is green. so cool. i know a lot of people like autumn, but i don't get why. yah, things are pretty but stuff is just dying. and it will live again, but the leaves! so sad. the birds stop chirping, boo. i love it when the birds start to chirp again. and the first time you can open your windows. and smell outside. mmmm.

i drooled over nectarines in the grocery store yesterday. lucky north carolina with nectarines in the grocery store already. too bad they wouldn't be ripe for a couple days. and they were hella expensive.

drinking games always get me trashed. i guess i should specify - card drinking games. oy vey. if i go to formal, i am going to start drinking way before it starts and then just try to keep my buzz. because...i don't want to be drinking fast and then have it all hit me. or maybe, i will make my date buy me drinks cause i'm old enough now. ha.

blog 4

-i think that stupid butler basketball fans are stupid.

-i miss l bin.

-i miss hazing pledge. and i guess i miss pledge.

-i miss sco. but i know she is having an effing blast in fla.

-i love spring break. i cant wait for memphis.

-i love making lots of money by doing nothing. its probably one of my favorite spring break hobbies.

blog 3

look at all these blogs for l bin to look at!!! woooo!

blog 2

im dont.


im supposed to blog something. so here it is.

Mar 10, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Some day we should lock pledge in a human size gerbil cage with a wheel and see what she does.

Sheep are the funniest animals I think I have ever seen. Why dont more people own them as pets?

Every time I put my head phones on that are attached to my computer I realize I need something that is just out of my reach. 

sitting on the end of my own bed is not nearly as satisfying as the end of pledges bed. Which is really my bed anyway so I guess that doesnt really make much sense. 

I want someone to make muffins for me.

Make friends with the jewish people across the street. They give you lots of food.

If I had a crystal ball what would I see you guys doing right now? Do I want to see?

I cant think of anything better than playing marry, date, dump until 4 am. 

My flat mate thinks that light sour cream is the worst tasting thing ever. Mallory thinks Light Ranch is the worst tasting thing ever. Mallory and Mike should fight. 

New Zealand has different spellings for things. So suck it. I have an excuse now. 

Today in class we had to say where we were from and one thing we liked about it. I was the only American. I couldn't think of anything I like. What a good impression. 

Rock of Love was playing on TV here the other day. No wonder people hate Americans.

You know how there are dating web sites? There should be a website for people to meet people to make out with in public.

There is a bar located in the student union here. Word.

Word is one of my favorite words. I dont say it here because I dont want people to know how weird I am quite yet. 

I bet little Flynn sleeps with a pillow by her feet so she doesnt miss me quite as much. 

Mar 8, 2009

Bin Thought

So I dont really miss my parents... but I sure do miss Charlie!

Mar 2, 2009

avocado is so good.