Mar 17, 2009

I Suck at Blogging

I feel bad that I haven't thought in awhile.

Wait, I meant posted on the thoughts blog!

...or did I?

I put a sign in the Guinness drawer that says "Guinness jar (drawer) St. Patty's 2009". This is funny because one time I thought Pledge said "jar" when she actually said "drawer" and I wasted a good minute looking for any jars with anything in them before I realized Pledge in from Connecticut and says "draw" instead of "drawer".

I always notice the spell check on this and other blogs. I use it regularly.

Today I decided that it's boring to be white. I'm not even Irish. Sadly, I will never be a comedian, civil rights leader or a record label owner because I am plain and white. (Also, I question my validity in any of those professions in the first place, but that is beside the point.)

I hate it when people say, "I could care less" because that is not really what they mean to say. Do you really mean to say that there is an instance where you could care less about that which you are speaking? I think what they really mean to say it "I COULDN'T care less." People who say "I could care less" sound fickle or like idiots. I am sorry if you use that terribly structured phrase.

Radiohead is AWESOME.

I can't wait to drink Guinness out of the Guinness jar!

L. Bin, you will think this is funny: When JFK and I went to Memphis, we stopped at this gas station to get cigarettes and pee. I asked the lady at the counter for American Spirits to which she replied, "Whaaaat?". "American Spirits." "What do you mean American Spirits?" "Cigarettes." "Oh! I was gonna say, the only American Spirits we've got are over there." She proceeded to point at the corner where all the liquor was. Hahahaha!

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