Mar 14, 2009


There seems to be much confusion going on here, so I will clarify for you, Laura:

Obviously, all the posts about black people are J Little's.
The jcrew one is her's too. Although, I might actually say that one day.
Also, a horse plane is a plane with a bunch of horses. You fly with the horses to New Zealand and you get to fly for free as long as you take care of the horses on the way. Now, I would totally do that, except there has to be a catch. I mean, that just sounds too easy. How hard is it to take care of a horse for a million hours? Do you think you actually have to do anything. Maybe feed them hay. I wonder if they provide the hay or if you have to bring your own. I don't own any, so that could be a problem when I want to visit Lauren. Remember in grade school when you would say "Hey" and your teachers would tell you not to say that because "Hay" is for horses? Did that ever happen to you?

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