Mar 11, 2009

Bin Thought

I think it is funny when Jenna just posts thoughts because I made her and she is obviously not into doing it but then she does it and realizes she is into it so she has to keep posting again and again because she starts thinking a lot. 

I am never going to go to the airport with L Flynn. I hate running after people who drop shit. When I see it happens I go through the same procedure every time:

1. watch the item fall to the ground in slow motion.
2. Look around for someone else who saw it happen so I can stare blankly while they try to return it so I dont have to.
3. Realize I was the only one who saw.
4. Contemplate how important that item really is to the person who dropped it.
5. Think to my self "people only drop very important items"
6. Finally pick up the item and awkwardly run after the person. 
7. Awkward.

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