Apr 30, 2009


I just got a card from Caitlin that says "Contrary to belief, I never hated you." .... interesting.

I also got a baller card from Mal. I will hang it on my wall. 

And thank you to everyone else that likes to call yourself my friend... I did not get a card from you.

Slightly Disturbing

I just took the "What Would You Taste Like to a Cannibal" quiz..... turns out I would taste like grilled chicken. Which I am kind of upset about because grilled chicken is basically my least favorite meat. 

beby jenner quote

"Like sniffing it on shit...whatever."

~me in my sleep...peggy wrote it down for once...haha.
"i went through this cool phase, where i dropped all of my uncool friends - which was all of them, and i got rid of all my uncool stuff - which was everything."


Apr 29, 2009


"The rain makes me want to kill infants."

"If the cat comes in the room I will step on it to death."

~Lauren stuck in her room in a rainy day

Virtual Quote

"you know your life is pathetic when the most fun you've had all semester was at a house boy appreciation kegger in someone's backyard and at snu"

- Pledge

"Why is Pledge the only one who says funny things anymore?"

- El Bin/ L Bin 

i wonder if anyone ever gets engaged without being scared.

maybe everyone does. i don't know.

i don't think people should plan their weddings before they get engaged.

i think if someone buys me something that is worth a lot that i am supposed to wear everyday, i will lose it or break it. i don't think it is a good idea.

i like watching jeopardy.

sometimes i like music. and then it gets really poppy, and then i hate it. but sometimes i still like it.

i like when j'little wears her hair in a ponytail. i don't know why.

i'm going home in two weeks. weird. i will work at cvs and drive to boston all the time. i hope my parents let me teach clare how to drive. i hope i read a lot of books.

i don't think i will ever focus enough on this paper to finish it.


I think that some thoughts should be thought of and then posted. This time not by me. 

Apr 28, 2009


"So weed did.  woah.  time out.  I just said weed instead of we did"


Apr 27, 2009


"Jenna Hillman paints herself blue to camouflage herself from the worthless pledge." 


me and el bin decided that we should caption it ourselves...here's mine

"jeanna hillman puts on war paint before battling pledge, a worthless betoch."

baby je(a)nner finding

actually my little cousin kinda helped me find it...she txted me and told me that she found me on google. i was like 'j'what?' and she told me that she googled 'jeanna hillman butler basketball fan' so i did. the first result was something off of a blog...and i was like 'shit.' the blogger decided to have a little caption contest of this particular photo of me painting myself because he thought it was the 'ap photo of the day.'

here were the comments...

"APhoto of the Day — 2/29/08
Posted by DFO at 5 p.m. on February 29 Comments (0)

Butler Bulldog fan Jeanna Hillman paints Bulldog footprints on her stomach before the start of a college basketball game against Wright State in Indianapolis, Thursday. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Top Cutlines

1. In her final act of desperation and plea for male voter support, Hillary hires young Monica to recreate the infamous stained blue dress incident at her last campaign rally! — Damn Yankee.

2. Obviously not in the Wright State of mind, Jeanna can’t stomach the game, telling her parents the Butler did it — John Austin.

3. After the game, Jeanna was immediately offered several exciting positions, including Intel spokeswoman, professional cheerleader, and fraternity house tub toy — Brent Andrews.

HM: ThomG"

here is the actual link:

creepy...just goes to show you that the internet is simply creepy.

Apr 26, 2009

E Quote

"Well her birthday falls on a different day every year"

- Pledge

Apr 25, 2009

Can you be addicted to a blog? I think I am. 

Bin Thoughts

Being sick sucks.

Also, I hate Final Fantasy 12 because my flat mates play it all the time!!!!!!!!!! And it is boring!!!!!!

I also dont like when on aim it says people are online and then you talk to them and they really arent. I am talking about pledge. 

I tried doing a headstand. I am not as good anymore. I need to practice so that when I get home L Flynn will be blown away with my skills. 

Have you watched Flight of the Conchords like I told you yet? You will like it. 

My mom sent me a package. It was sweet. I love getting packages. So Exciting! 

Its weird you people are like done with school. So weird. 

My favorite animal is a seahorse. If I were an animal I would be one. I dont know why. I just know. 

I think if pledge were an animal she would be a cock... a rooster that is. Or a prairie dog.
Jenna would be a dinosaur. 
Scolesies would be a Bald Eagle. 
L Flynn would be a cricket.
Mal would be a Tasmanian Devil or a llama. 

I cant wait for you people to read this. 

No one thinks I am funny anymore. 

I am going to cut my nose off if it doesnt stop sniffling. 

I wish I were born with a better brain that could spell and shit. 

If I were a color I would be green... even though yellow is my favorite. 

mmmm... Breasts.... That is an actual quote from our quote wall. 

I have to write a paper. It sucks. 

I wonder what the best food in the world is. 

I want some coffee. We def need a coffee maker at our house next year. Is it bad if you can drink a cup of coffee and then fall asleep right after? Im not saying I did that.... but I did do that once. 

What if pledge was taller than me when I got back. I would freak out. 

Apr 24, 2009

yesh yesh yesh

concussion awareness week has not been adequately publicized.

i'm so alcoholy and sleepy.

four beers is soooo small.

Apr 23, 2009

Bin Thought

I havent done a headstand in a long time. I should do one again soon. 

Apr 22, 2009

can you be addicted to people? i think i am.

Apr 19, 2009

the bathroom told me that on jupiter the sun rises every ten hours. so, if we evolved on jupiter would our biological clock be ten hours instead of twenty-four? wouldn't that be so weird to have ten hour days? then i bet we would only have two square meals a day and other crazy stuff.

Apr 17, 2009

me: a stylus
little flynn: a stylist? it's a pen!
me: no it's a stylus.

Apr 16, 2009


That video makes me happier every time I watch it cause we all sooo happy. Well, I mean I was in class but you guys look sooo happy.

We should make more soon.

Without Peggy.

Virtual Quote

"Pastrami is bullshit" 


Bin Thought

Also the quotes were great. I love quote boards. That was like a virtual quote board. Sweet. 

To L Flynn

Dont worry L Flynn. The only thing I can see you spoiling your kids with is M&M's. 

Bin Response to Video

I like video posts. They should happen more often. I like to see your pretty faces and where Jenna and Scolesies sleep.

That last part sounded really creepy.

Where was pledge when you made that? Making out with a Russian?

Laura: To clarify I am not afraid and disgusted by people talking about sex. I am just shy talking about it in regards to myself. So talk away. I just will take a while to reply.

Apr 15, 2009

Thoughts For You, My Dearest L. Bin

you've got mail is j'better than sleepless in seattle i think. although, victor garber is amazingly fabulous in sleepless in seattle. but when harry met sally is way better than any other chick flick ever. unless you count old movies. which i don't because...i don't know. that thought never crossed my mind before.

Apr 14, 2009

pledge quotes

here you go el bin!

Pledge-"I'm gonna look for a picture of a bunny eating a giraffe! One time...ONE TIME, there was a bunny in my backyard, and guess what day it was? It was easter!!!!"

Sco-"tell her I loved the letter!"
Pledge-"me too!"
S-"A plus baller status!"
P-"me too!"
S-"Pledge, you would never say 'A plus baller status'"
P-I know...but i'd say me too!!!

Jenna-"Sometimes I wonder if we really were truckers...would we be offended by you calling us truckers all the time?"
Big-"No, you'd just think it was awesome."
Jenna-"I'm wearing a trucker hat actually."
Pledge-"That is not a trucker hat...that is a SPORTS CAP!"

Pledge-"I would never take advice from someone who wears lime green jeans. end of story."

Pledge-"Is it like, spring outside or something?"

Jenna-"I knew that the day you knew spanish would be the day that I got kicked out of TD!"

Jenna-"I'm like the Katie Flynn of homeless people because I'm so rich compared to everybody else that is homeless!"

Apr 12, 2009

people who are spoiled really make me angry. maybe i just am easily angered lately. being spoiled makes you superficial, self-absorbed, and self-centered. and all that just makes the world a worse place. i am so glad that i have been through stuff in my life that makes me realize what is really important and helped me know myself better. not that i have been through insane stuff or anything - there are plenty of people who have had it worse. i guess i am just glad that i'm not spoiled.

when people make fun of you for how much you say your life sucks, it's a sign that you need to change your attitude. because its pathetic to do that.

remind me of this post if i ever spoil my kids.

Apr 11, 2009

i love how even one beer gives me this warm feeling. two beers can get me tipsy if i drink fast enough. awesome.

Apr 8, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Jenna called Nancy big n. I think we should change that to the big nasty. Just an idea

Last night my flat mate told me that he thinks it is funny how I say shit. So I showed him the ways of assss hooole. Basically I am fucking good at cussing. Fuck yes!

You know how there is cheddar, mozzarella, and so on types of cheese? Well there is one here called Tasty cheese. That is the one we always get. 

You guys need to rent Flight of the Conchords and watch it. You would love it. It is so funny. It is an HBO show and it has to do with NZ. PLEASE rent it and watch it for me. 

I fucking suck at bowling and pool. I had to play both last night.

Parking lots are called car parks. 

Some people seem to think that I am going to change while I am here. I wonder if I will. I dont think I have yet. I hope I dont change for the bad. Like I dont know how I would change. I really dont know. What if I turn into the big nasty? Do you all think I changed? I guess you wouldnt really know for sure until I come back. 

I should have brought warmer clothes. I am stupid. 

Stupid homework is stupid. 


post on this blog. now. you havent posted in years.

Apr 6, 2009

why is it that when there are thunderstorms everyone's status is like oooh yay lightening lalala, but when it rains some it is like oh nooooeesss what do i doooooo?

freaking a man.

baby jenner thoughts...BETOCHES!!!!!

So 'betoch' is beotch (I think), but spelled incorrectly. I'm pretty sure it is my favorite word right now. My least favorite word: sackless.

Did anyone else know that Pledge has a book out about her life? Google it. I didn't know she was lost. If I knew this, I probably wouldn't haze her as much. Eh, who am I kidding. I would definitely haze her more. I bet nobody has read her book because nobody cares about her life.

There was a bag of chicken nuggets in the TD fridge labeled "nugs"...does anyone else find this as funny as I do?

I am using the top of my laptop as a cheese holder. The slice of cheese shakes when I type. It is awesome.

I just want some cheese. I am so glad Scolesies brought me cheese.

I'd like it to be warm soon so I can have fun outside...and so I can be warm inside...betoch!!!

Pledge is in Cincinnati. Wonder how many points she has acquired since she has been there...

I cant wait for school to be over so I can get over the betoch bullshit without being distracted.

I saw the big n today. She walked into the kitchen, and I just ignored her. I haven't seen her in weeks. My blood pressure shot up when she walked into the kitchen though. The best part is that we were p-dubbing...and when she left the kitchen she shut the door!

I'm so glad that Scolesies brought me two more slices of cheese.

I want to visit El Bin!!! Guess what El Bin? We made a Pledge quote board a while ago! I'll post some good quotes when I am back at TD.

I think I am going to fail my spanish class.

Apr 5, 2009

but how do they know when the lightening is going to strike?? like do they just point the camera on a tripod with slow shutter speed at the part of the sky they think the lightening will be at? and like - how do they take the picture? cause the lightening is so fast!!

Bin Thoughts

You know when you are walking down the street and you think you see someone you know but really you dont know them they just look like someone you know? Well I keep doing that, but they are people I know from the US. So its def not going to be them. Weird. 

I skipped class today. Then my mom called and I answered. Then she said "oh, I thought you were going to be in class". Then I was like fuck and told her my teacher was sick. 

I also havent told my mom about my piercing. I am scared. I will probably forget and then when she sees me she will be like "what the fuck" and I will be like "sorry"

They knocked down the house across the street when I was gone. I am sad I didnt get to watch. Damn it. 

Im not going to skip my class later. I should though. It is pointless. 

I am starting a quote board in my house. No one is going to take it down because it is too inappropriate. It will be very inappropriate though. So far the only quote I have is "Disney makes horrible porn". That was said by my flat mate Mike. 

The other day Mike made a pasta bake and he made a face out of peppers and mushrooms. You can look at the pictures on facebook when I put them there. 

Bin Answer

They take pictures of lightning with a tripod and a slow shutter speed. 

Apr 3, 2009

how do they take pictures of lightening?