Apr 8, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Jenna called Nancy big n. I think we should change that to the big nasty. Just an idea

Last night my flat mate told me that he thinks it is funny how I say shit. So I showed him the ways of assss hooole. Basically I am fucking good at cussing. Fuck yes!

You know how there is cheddar, mozzarella, and so on types of cheese? Well there is one here called Tasty cheese. That is the one we always get. 

You guys need to rent Flight of the Conchords and watch it. You would love it. It is so funny. It is an HBO show and it has to do with NZ. PLEASE rent it and watch it for me. 

I fucking suck at bowling and pool. I had to play both last night.

Parking lots are called car parks. 

Some people seem to think that I am going to change while I am here. I wonder if I will. I dont think I have yet. I hope I dont change for the bad. Like I dont know how I would change. I really dont know. What if I turn into the big nasty? Do you all think I changed? I guess you wouldnt really know for sure until I come back. 

I should have brought warmer clothes. I am stupid. 

Stupid homework is stupid. 

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