Apr 5, 2009

Bin Thoughts

You know when you are walking down the street and you think you see someone you know but really you dont know them they just look like someone you know? Well I keep doing that, but they are people I know from the US. So its def not going to be them. Weird. 

I skipped class today. Then my mom called and I answered. Then she said "oh, I thought you were going to be in class". Then I was like fuck and told her my teacher was sick. 

I also havent told my mom about my piercing. I am scared. I will probably forget and then when she sees me she will be like "what the fuck" and I will be like "sorry"

They knocked down the house across the street when I was gone. I am sad I didnt get to watch. Damn it. 

Im not going to skip my class later. I should though. It is pointless. 

I am starting a quote board in my house. No one is going to take it down because it is too inappropriate. It will be very inappropriate though. So far the only quote I have is "Disney makes horrible porn". That was said by my flat mate Mike. 

The other day Mike made a pasta bake and he made a face out of peppers and mushrooms. You can look at the pictures on facebook when I put them there. 

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