Apr 25, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Being sick sucks.

Also, I hate Final Fantasy 12 because my flat mates play it all the time!!!!!!!!!! And it is boring!!!!!!

I also dont like when on aim it says people are online and then you talk to them and they really arent. I am talking about pledge. 

I tried doing a headstand. I am not as good anymore. I need to practice so that when I get home L Flynn will be blown away with my skills. 

Have you watched Flight of the Conchords like I told you yet? You will like it. 

My mom sent me a package. It was sweet. I love getting packages. So Exciting! 

Its weird you people are like done with school. So weird. 

My favorite animal is a seahorse. If I were an animal I would be one. I dont know why. I just know. 

I think if pledge were an animal she would be a cock... a rooster that is. Or a prairie dog.
Jenna would be a dinosaur. 
Scolesies would be a Bald Eagle. 
L Flynn would be a cricket.
Mal would be a Tasmanian Devil or a llama. 

I cant wait for you people to read this. 

No one thinks I am funny anymore. 

I am going to cut my nose off if it doesnt stop sniffling. 

I wish I were born with a better brain that could spell and shit. 

If I were a color I would be green... even though yellow is my favorite. 

mmmm... Breasts.... That is an actual quote from our quote wall. 

I have to write a paper. It sucks. 

I wonder what the best food in the world is. 

I want some coffee. We def need a coffee maker at our house next year. Is it bad if you can drink a cup of coffee and then fall asleep right after? Im not saying I did that.... but I did do that once. 

What if pledge was taller than me when I got back. I would freak out. 

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