Apr 14, 2009

pledge quotes

here you go el bin!

Pledge-"I'm gonna look for a picture of a bunny eating a giraffe! One time...ONE TIME, there was a bunny in my backyard, and guess what day it was? It was easter!!!!"

Sco-"tell her I loved the letter!"
Pledge-"me too!"
S-"A plus baller status!"
P-"me too!"
S-"Pledge, you would never say 'A plus baller status'"
P-I know...but i'd say me too!!!

Jenna-"Sometimes I wonder if we really were truckers...would we be offended by you calling us truckers all the time?"
Big-"No, you'd just think it was awesome."
Jenna-"I'm wearing a trucker hat actually."
Pledge-"That is not a trucker hat...that is a SPORTS CAP!"

Pledge-"I would never take advice from someone who wears lime green jeans. end of story."

Pledge-"Is it like, spring outside or something?"

Jenna-"I knew that the day you knew spanish would be the day that I got kicked out of TD!"

Jenna-"I'm like the Katie Flynn of homeless people because I'm so rich compared to everybody else that is homeless!"

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