Jan 31, 2009

i really like chocolate. sometimes this is a problem. i just woke up from a nap to find my butt covered in chocolate and chocolate rubbed into my sheets. now i have to do laundry.

Red and Yellow Do Not Look Good Together

I wear a yellow T-shirt under my Scotty's hoodie sometimes because the hoodie is grey and needs some color. However, the writing on the hoodie is red. I feel sort of like the Scotty's hamburglar.

Jan 30, 2009

baby jenner thought

I had a revelation at the basketball game tonight. We need to carry around a tent so that when we need to p-dub, we can just pop up the tent, zip up the doors, and p-dub.
why are some parts of my hair more curly than other parts? doesn't it all have the same hair DNA? i don't understand.

baby jenner thought

I wish White Castle was closer to Butler. It’s always annoying when I go and I finish all my burgers before I get home. It’s annoying. Sometimes I just wanna come home, sit down, light a candle or two, and eat my sliders.


Sometimes, I get the urge to suggest friends to people when I know they have no idea who the other is.


There is no part of me that desires to do homework right now. My homework is due today and I still don't feel the need to do it right now. I keep telling myself I will want to do homework some other time. Unfortunately, I think I'm lying to myself since I never really feel like doing anything at all-- least of all homework.

Sour Candy

I really like sour candy. I really don't like Dum-Dums. So, today, when I saw sour Dum-Dums in Miss Susan's candy dish, I was conflicted. Originally, I had wanted a butterscotch candy, but my intrigue and my love for sour candies over my hatred for Dum-Dums won out. Let me just say, I should have gone with the butterscotch candy. Sour Dum-Dums are not sour and also still taste like shitty Dum-Dums.

Jan 29, 2009


i like the sound of trains. it reminds me of this house we used to rent every summer in maine before we built one. across the lake from it were train tracks and erin and i used to wake up when the trains came and count the cars. my friend lily lives by train tracks. we count the cars there too, even though we are old now. i like that i can hear train sounds from my house in indiana. i can't hear them from my house in connecticut. but in maine, sometimes when it's not too windy and it's quiet, you can hear them across the lake. and see the train at night.

Baby Jenner's thoughts

-I think I’m allergic to apples. Is that possible?
-SODA club is the greatest club ever made. Period. From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, and from the inside looking out you can’t explain it. I seriously don’t remember what I did with my life before SODA club.
-I realized today that one of the funniest things to watch is pledge when she eats. Actually, the funniest thing to watch is pledge using chopsticks.
-I didn’t paint my belly for the basketball game today because last night I ate a bowl of black bean soup, 2 bowls of ravioli, and half of a chicken and cheese sandwich. I also had 2 frozen dinners. This was all after about 8 pm.
-I LOVE White Castle. I hate the way it smells, but it is amazing. I’m really self conscious about my breath after I eat White Castle. I actually consider taking a shower after I eat sliders.
-Apparently when I was little I used to think that putting my hands over my eyes meant that nobody could see me. My parents found that amusing when I would sneak downstairs at night when they were still up.
-I think that the bald guy from the six flags commercials should do a deal with Doritos and make an epic commercial.
-My dad would donate my inheritance to the Audobon society if I ever got a tattoo. However, I have always kind of wanted a tattoo in a place where he wouldn’t see it. Even if I never get one, I still want to know what one feels like. That is why I have always wanted a tattoo of a freckle on my arm. But that costs like 50 bucks.
-One of my favorite things that l-bin does is when she is on her computer and she starts to laugh at something but nobody knows what it is.
-I miss using monk e mail in pledge’s room. I wish there was a stronger wireless presence in the house like there was last semester.
-If you live in the exact center of the city, what side do you roll with? What side do you mess with? What if you are homeless?
-I think it is so epic that the 3 alpha chapters we have at butler are sigma gamma rho, tri psi, and soda club. That pretty much covers all facets of life right there.
-I wish I had cool handwriting like everyone I know. I also wish I had a cool signature. My dad hates my signature because I scribble, especially when I’m signing tax forms. He tells me to sign them nice but then he watches me sign them so I get nervous and I forget how to sign my name. It’s weird.
-I feel like rock music is an acquired taste, kind of like beer. I suppose I’m good at sticking with something with an acquired taste, since I really love both of those things.
-If I ever go to a mall and they sell those golden dog tags that you can etch your name in, I will fall over and laugh forever.
-How did I used to play minesweeper for like 8 straight hours? I did it in high school and lost a shit ton of sleep over it. What a loser I was. No really, I would probably lose over 100 times before I would win once.
-White Castle is open 24 hours, so I figure that the lights never go off. But do all the lights burn out at the exact same time?
-If I ever got proposed to by having a guy put a ring inside of a white castle slider, I would probably swallow the ring.
-I generally don’t like guys that have Mohawks, but I do like a few of them. I think that kids look cute with Mohawks. Actually I like most guys that have Mohawks.
-I wonder who the first person was who made music but wasn’t influenced by any other music.
-I think it sucks when you forget your thoughts.
-I wish that we could have time out when we are adults. That would be the best punishment ever!
-Oh my God. In the butler community we are on the southside! Don’t fucking mess with the southside.
-The people in the apartment village are on the north side. We should start a turf war with them.
-When l-bin goes to New Zealand, what side is she going to be on? I guess it would depend on what map you are looking at.
-I wonder how big the biggest iceberg in the world is.
-I want a snow day. I have never had one. I have had hurricane days and flood days, but never a snow day.
-I also just realized that I sit in the south Dawg Pound, as do a ton of other Tri Deltas. Not Kate Bunten though. I want to start a turf war with her.
-My big would not like this idea of sides because all it does is divide. Oh well.
-I'm gonna go crazy when l-bin leaves for new Zealand. I'll probably take out my aggression on pledge. I'll probably pick her up and throw her out the window.
-Owravili ishout (I dontknow what tis means) o now I kno., I butnedmyself on ravioli.
-Fucking a. I wish I could pay my guitar 24/7. If I could I'd be so happy. I miss playing my guitar…cuz I haven’t played it in like a day. I love that I miss it that much. God dammit.
-The 'a' in Alpha Phi should stand for asshole. Just kidding. Alpha Phi should stand for awesome. Just kidding. Alpha phi should stand for Alpha Phi.
-Greenpeace? What if green was violent? I think bluepeace would be a better word, because blue is more of a calming color.
-We should legit send our thoughts to a publishing company. What would they do if they didn’t like it. Throw it away? Fine. But it would be sweet to say that we sent something to a publishing company. In fact, we should send this to multiple publishing companies.
-Mlk=30-0. she wins arguments. On the way home, just me and her. She got 3 wins.
-Me and MLK pow wowed in Scottys. I asked her if the doors were closed. She laughed. I forget if she even knows the first two rules of pow wowing. First rule: shut the door…second rule: shut the FUCKING door.
-I feel like sharing our thoughts could turn into a cultural phenomenon if we really wanted it to. With the talents of a psych major, a integrated comm. Major, a gender studies and peace studies minor/poly sci major, a pharmtard (unpharmtard) and a psych minor and media arts/multimedia major where couldn’t we go?

Jan 28, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Why am I always right and everyone always wrong? Its hard work being so insightful. I should charge people who talk to me. I should offer my advice to those less fortunate than me. 

I think Scolesies is right about talking with our minds. That would be scary though. Ever since I watched What Women Want I get scared sometimes that people know what I am thinking. when that happens I think something like... if you can hear me raise your hand... just so I can make sure they cant hear me. No one ever does it though. 

I want to be a nudist. I dont like being naked in front of people though. I just dont like wearing clothes. 

People who have matching christmas tree ornaments freak me out. What is wrong with them?

People who say "its the thought that counts" never got Barbie pencil sharpener party favors for their 16th birthday.

Bin Thoughts

I used to want to work at a grocery store so bad because I love scanning things.

I am going to get a chameleon and name him Leonard and he will be cool. Chameleons change colors and that is cool. 

Oklahoma is the worst state of all bad states. I even hate how it is shaped. Actually I dont remember what it looks like but I have a picture in my head. I may be thinking of somewhere else though. 

Hazing has improved my life by at least 27%.

I love dogs, but not the little ones. I want to step on little dogs heads. If I ever Carry my dog in a purse around a public area please shoot me. 

Why do people talk to me?

I like the smell of White Castle because it smells like Jenna. 

Good thing JCrew makes clothes for kids, because Katie wants to have 8-10 of the. How little will little Flynn's kids be?
Sometimes I laugh to myself and I pretend to cough to cover it up so I don't look like a freak to passers-by. I think maybe I still look like a freak, but maybe just a little less of a freak.
i like my peanut butter and jelly toasted. people ask me why, and i tell them that i just like warm sandwiches. but really, i started doing this because in my house, we freeze the sandwich bread because it goes bad and no one eats very many sandwiches. it's hard to defrost frozen bread without it being a little too soggy, so i stated toasting it. that solved the problem. and i liked it so much, i do it all the time now.

Snow Day

Today is a snow day. I am so happy I could just eat a whole can of ravili! There is a momentus amount of luck that goes along with getting a snow day your senior year of college. I must be a good luck charm. I have thought this ever since the Steelers won the superbowl my freshman year when I lived in Pittsburgh and the Colts won my Sophomore year when I came back to Indianapolis. You think I'm joking, but I'm serial.

Jan 27, 2009

It's crazy how much time i waste each day thinking of thoughts

Bin Thought

I just thought of this... we can talk to each other with this blog while I am gone.