May 31, 2009

"Oh, so you're rich"

So, I emailed this to Jenna after it happened but Laura just told me I should blog it. I always forget about this thing. So here it is:

"I have a funny story to tell you. Actually, first, someone just said awl. hahaha. Okay, the story: Yesterday at work someone who was giving an orientation presentation to us was asking where we were from. When I said Monroe, he goes, 'Oh, so you're rich.'"

May 30, 2009


boho is funny...or maybe i'm the only one that thinks this is funny...w/e
"I need a head count of those who live within reasonable driving range of Indy to plan some cookout/planning sessions for the summer (cookout? you say. Ha! You think I wouldnt hold out a carrot or a po-boy to get you to stay current and prepared?)"
boho's labbies like food...and he is a REALLY good cook. lol

to mlk:

i just posted a comment on your blog from january. i had a feeling that you would never find it, so here it is. haha

How I found out I have no friends...

Jenna: what is your name again?

LBin: lauren binning

wait are you serious

Jenna: yea

LBin: you dont know my name?

Jenna: it took me a second

im kinda buzzed

LBin: i thought we were like best friends


Jenna: youre el bin!

LBin: you forgot my name is lauren


Jenna: lol what

its the same thing with pledge, scolesies, and big

and mlk

i mean what the hell are your names


LBin: omg


Jenna: haha

i mean i was joking...kind of

it just took me a second

Lbin: god

Jenna: lol


LBin: i cant believe this is happening to me

Jenna: what?

LBin:you forgot my name

Jenna: haha whatever

stop being lame i was kidding


May 29, 2009

I think quality should almost always win over quantity. 

I want to be in  a secret society. 

May 28, 2009

i recently purchased a pair of designer skinny jeans at a stellar price. they came in the mail today. before mallory goes nuts, i don't know how i feel about them. when i see people wear skinny jeans i think ooh, nice. like...most of the time i actually like how they look on the other person. but i don't know man...they are weird. it is weird for my calves to be restricted. also they are a little long.

i don't know when i became a person insecure about my own style. somewhere around freshman year, but then i was cured in ireland, and it came back last year. weird. so days it's fine, but usually not when i am going on a date or buying something considered stylish. otherwise, i'm happy left at my own devices.

also, my hair is now the length of j'little's. i put it in a ponytail today and it was so bouncy. usually i hate this length on me, but it is easy to put in a bun and will be easier to straighten (cause i do that so often?). and...yah. whatever. many less dreads will form. hahaha. i celebrated the bounciness by moving my head back and forth and saying bouncy bouncy bouncy. my mom did not appreciate this.

i'm felt like myself for the first time since i got home. it came in flashes...but better than nothing.

May 27, 2009


If Nancy were sneakers o'toole the only way she would take her sneakers off is if EO told her to do it. Then she'd take her sneakers off and call them back asking if was okay to keep her socks on.

May 26, 2009

So, guess what?

I ate avocado on Sunday and I didn't get sick!!!

Okay, but actually it was this 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell, so who knows how real that avocado stuff was. I am now open to experimentation, though.

classic el bin part 2

daronsgirl81505: omg american history x is such a good mooooviiieeee
lbinning1321: yeah it is
lbinning1321: isnt there a part when the guy gets the shit fucked out of his face on the curb?
daronsgirl81505: yea
lbinning1321: i dont like that part either

Classic Jenna

"did a black person write that"?

classic el bin

daronsgirl81505: have you ever seen american history x
lbinning1321: yeah
daronsgirl81505: omg that movie is so good
lbinning1321: doesnt someone get raped in the shower
daronsgirl81505: haha yes
daronsgirl81505: the nazi
lbinning1321: yeah i dont like that part

May 25, 2009

texas, dallas...whatever you'd like to call it

i think this is perfect.


its always fun when your flat mate decides to follow you on twitter and you have to go back and delete everything you wrote about her and her stupid cat. 

May 24, 2009


Write this down. 'You're the balls and the tits'

Someone in my lab just said that to bohannon

May 22, 2009

amazing. i am going to start staying average my life instead of fuck my life. pickle and i will battle.

drog quote

my first title!

drog went to the speedway today with malface. this is what he had to say.

"i had some guy ask me where something was in the speedway. i laughed inside, like i know where shit is! he had a gold tooth. also some guy put his arm around me. i was not pleased. i indicated such by calling him "buddy" multiple times"

i don't know why this was so funny to me.

Why, yes I am...

They call me BK Mal.

el bin is awesome.

and pledge is not. the end.

p.s. i wonder if mallory is related to the great 'burger king'

May 21, 2009

girl...we post! whatev.

elizabeth edwards on the daily show is being cool. i still will probably not read her book, but...props anyway.

i get acne at the weirdest times.

mocha is so good at telling time! she has been waiting for my mom to come home for like...four hours. at the door. my mom is not coming home until sunday. i wonder when mocha will figure this out.
i haven't been streaking in a long long time.

i should find a way to virtually moon you all. that would be awesome.


I think I need to get rid of twitter because no one has posted on this in a long time and that makes me sad. 

Fish and chips are good.

Its nice when it is rainy and you dont have anything to do and you can just sit in bed. 

Im making toast right now.

I just took a quiz to find out what american accent I have.... apparently I am from Connecticut or NY. If I were from Connecticut I would be from the richest part like Pledge. 

Also, according to the quiz I just took... I could be a pirate... duh didnt need a quiz to tell me that. 

P.S. its 10am and raining outside and I dont have class... and I am in bed taking online quizzes... dont make fun of me you wish you were doing the same.

I'm more masculine than feminine. 

I feel like this is about the point you all will stop reading this post... if you havent already.. but I am going to keep writing. 

I would be vanilla ice cream .... bull shit... boring

I think I know the answer to this one....

I scored a 74% on a spelling test... not bad... for me

I dont know why the internet thinks I am such a nice fun person... cuz i'm not:

I bet pledges aura would be brown... mal would be like rainbow... Laura would be green... jenna would be like blue... duh! and Scolesies would be yellow green and orange all mixed together to make one sweet ultimate crazy color that no one else could ever be... or red. 

My flat mates just told me I look like a crack whore... awesome 

May 18, 2009


Lauren: Streakers are funny.

Scolesies: Did Laura run by?

May 17, 2009

matt quotes

"I don't tell you how to read a math book!"
"insert DG joke here"


slaton while he was sleeping: "uhhhh...amazing...amazing...dont stop..."



As we speak...

Jenna and Scolesies are eating JJ's... paid for by Matt who is passed out on Jenna's floor. 

Hit by a car..

... Yes I was hit by a car... who gets hit by a car? Weird.

May 16, 2009

E- Quote

"I just tweeted to miley cyrus" 

- Jenna

May 15, 2009

yesh yesh yesh yesh

so mlk's thought about mike and that movie is so legit. i am slowly embracing this crazy situation i have been going through and just saying, 'well, i have grown a lot from this.' now i know whats important. i learned that i should stop trusting people who are idiots. i learned not to devote myself so much to something because there is always a potential of getting hurt. i learned who my real sisters were. i learned to knit, haha. i learned how much more mature i am in situations than the people who think they are being mature and making the right choices. i learned how unfair life can be sometimes, and i learned how unbelievably unprofessional certain national organizations are. i learned how much i actually loved music, and i also learned how to live in a living room. haha. i learned what dino love is, that is the real 'DL.' :-)


Okay, now that's love. With lots of hearts. Right there. An L. Bin and an L. Flynn reply SO QUICKLY! AWWW! Pledgey got in on the action too. She just didn't know it. Is it possible to blog-haze her? I think we might have just blog-hazed her.

JFK, Sco, Drog and I crashed Spreadies and Casey's party tonight. We were being loud with gin on a Thursday. Tell me what is wrong with this picture, someone.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button made me think of Mike. I think I decided I need to stop trying to change whatever the heck we were, stop trying to dislike him over it and start to embrace him as shaping who I am. He did. I wish he wouldn't be so... distant, but there is little that can be done about this.

Green Day is not a good band. East Jesus Nowhere is a great song, though. Actually, now that I think of it (stop me if it's too heinous), I think I might actually LIKE Green Day. (YIKES!)

Is it weird that I find comfort in my foot smell? I don't like it. It's just comforting. Like, "Oh yea. Things are still normal. My feet still smell like dog shit."

Oh yea, the real world does not exist!


"drog is tweeting about you"

May 14, 2009



I think you are right. We should use the dino family model in choosing a relationship person. Pledge and I were talking about relationships yesterday and we decided (you know how like sometimes your like I dont want a relationship right now because I need to focus on myself) well like thats not a good relationship then. We think that like you should be able to grow as a person while in a relationship and be able to talk to them about legit stuff and they can help you grow by making you think and shit. So basically if you cant focus on yourself while in a relationship then it is a shitty wrong one anyway. So I think Mal is super right. They should be able to fit in the dino's because that is the ultimate form of friendship and love and we are all super baller. 

Hokay, so...

I think the real reason I haven't posted lately is because I, unlike yourselves, did not have very much procrastinating to participate in at the end of the school year.

There was this love discussion earlier that I totally missed out on. However, I (as always) have my own two cents to add. Even though Sco spurred the discussion based on the intangible qualities of love, I think that the love we dinos have is the most tangible sort of love on the market. I always wonder why romantic love relationships can't be more like friendships. We put up with a lot more shit, expect a whole lot less and are more willing to compromise when it comes to our friends. I guess it's "just not that deep". Perhaps, however, this love model is better than whatever it is we think of when we think of romantic love. All the best relationships (and I mean moms & dads and such) seem to extract this friend-love in order to sustain success, don't you think? Perhaps this romantic love thing is all just infatuation, chemical transaction and a general figment of the imagination. Maybe dino love is the only real sort of love. If this is the case, I hope that we can all someday find another dino to add to the family. If he's not dino material, ladies, something's missing!

I miss Laura. I keep thinking it is her coming down the stairs, but it's not! It's slowly settling in that she is gone. But, L. Flynn, you would be proud of how clean our house is! Haha.

Jenna and I had 1/2 of the Pinstripes over last night. They were legit. I drove one to the bus stop at 4AM when it was pouring down rain. I think it maybe messed up my car. So much street flooding.

One word: BALLER.

I think I am the best Billie Joe this Pink House has ever seen.

I promise not to be so lame in the future. AKA I will blog more often.

pt 2

also, BJ would be a dino pledge, but he would never get into the dino fam.


so me and mlk decided that if tre cool was around, he would be in the dino fam. and billie joe would be a dino pledge.


Top Ten Favorite Things To Do Of All Time:

1. Laugh
2. Cuddle
3. Dance

That is all I have so far

Side note: 1+2= an ultimate favorite thing to do

May 13, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Candles are nice.

I really want to hug you all right now. Like a big group hug. 

I like vests. I dont know if they are cool or not... but I like them. 

I think my eyelashes grew. I dont know if that is possible but I really think they got longer. 


I want to see people I see in airports too!!!

One time I legit saw Pledge in an airport in like NY or something. BALLER!! But I didnt really know her back then... must have been a sign of things to come. ahhhh. I love Pledge. 

May 12, 2009

i hate airports that don't have free wireless. get with the program!

my itouch is awesome. i downloaded a podcast this morning that was video and i watched it on my flight to baltimore. woord.

i wonder if grades have been sent home yet.

on my first flight (i'm flying southwest so there is no assigned seating) i was the last person to get on the plane cause i was e-mailing. and there were three seats on both sides of the isle, so everyone just leaves the middle seat open because in our culture we have a phobia of other people for some reason. anyway, i was like poo i'm going to have to sit in the back! lame. i shouldn't have e-mailed so much!! but there was a seat in the forth row (a window seat even!! my favorite) next to this older dude and i don't know why no one sat next to him cause he was cool. he was doing a crossword and that prompted me to do one too! yesh. and he even let me go out of the plane before him. all those people that walked by him really didn't know what was up.

i hate it when people have my alarm as their ringtone cause it just makes me hella jump every time.

baltimore is sunny right now. the sweet thing about airporsts is they have a lot of windows. i would like a room that is windows on three sides. although, my room with windows on two sides was cool. i don't understand people who keep the blinds closed all the time. i really really like natural light.

why are those half-sneakers still on the market? clog seakers. what the truck.

i just called my house to make sure someone would pick me up when i land and both my parents answered the phone. i love/hate when they do that cause it is hilarious but also corny/weird.

i have had onion breath for like...many moons.

i had a bunch of celery at buffalo wild wings the other day...i think i might be over my problem with that.

i can see someone with ryan's sneakers! aieeee! (why are those still allowed to be sold?)

what did people do in airports before cell phones?

i always want to see people i know in airports, but it hardly ever happens. only once. ooh...actually twice. once time was pamela in detroit and the other time was this kid from my high school on a flight to indianapolis (he goes to iu).

it's always so sweet to see people with red sox hats on. feels like home.

thin mints are my favorite girl scout cookie.

i don't think airplane neck pillows look very comfortable.
Anyone who says baller that many times deserves a baller trophy in honor of their baller-ness.


Of course you were mistaken/ sarcastic or whatever you said. Duh i'm not really turning into pickle... because as you said I have a baller amount of street cred. Im so baller I can say baller more than three times in one post and it still sounds baller. I can even, baller, insert baller into a sentence that doesn't even belong with a baller.... and its baller. Also, when people (like scolsies) say redic things about me. I have to defend my rep. Its what happens when you are this baller. 

p.s. Pledge is funny ALL the time. You are right about that. 

Also, Jenna is super legit. I wish I could be that cool too. I wish that a lot. I also wish I could be as cool as you (Scolesies). And the bullet point was sweet!! Made me laugh a lot.... and that is one of my favorite things. Baller. 

To Clarify

Goddammit L-Bin, i was exaggerating and being sarcastic. No, I do not think you're actually turning into pickle. That would be impossible bc she is zero percent baller and has absolutely no street cred and loves disney princesses and pink. You, obviously, are none of those things. And for anyone else who thought that post was mean i'm sorry, lighten up, and know that i do not think LB is at all, and i mean AT ALL, like pickle.

Yo Pledge and Scolesies...

I AM NOT FUCKING PICLKE!!!! GOD... and by "fucking pickle" I do not mean "sex with Pickle". I mean just because we both have one thing in common does not mean we are the same person!!! PLEDGE AND SCOLSIES!!!! ERRRRRRRRRRRR. Besides I am the orig. abrever. fuckers. So shut up!!!!!!!!!! And I already say def.... and I would never say awk because I hate that word. Im like actually really pissed right now. 

WHY would I turn into my little... I am older and cooler.... that is just silly. And I am PISSED for you even saying it will happen... ERRR

A Couple of Repsonses

-L-bin: You cannot love abbreviations because then you're pickle and pickle is a dipshit. Next thing we know you come back from the NZ saying shit like awk. and def. and ungod knows what else and you turn into your crazy ass little. So no. You have to renig that statement about abbreviations. Pronto.
-Jenna: I can appreciate your love of music as my love for music, from the minute details of composition to the way the bass beats in my sternum, to the way the words seem to say things that can change is the shit
-Also to Jenna: i think it's good to have a mix of serious and retarded. you can't be either all the time because if you had one but not the other you could never appreciate either one of them
-Katie: You are hilarious all the time. Why are you not here. I miss you
-To all: I love and would do anything for all of you, no questions asked. I'd defend you until I was blue in the face, which hasn't ever happened to me before, but I'm assuming it takes a really, really long time to turn blue.
-Also, I have multiple bullets points for multiple comments which is so not as cool as having an arbitrary one bullet point for one comment, but oh well, I never tried to be as cool as Jenner because that's just unreasonable and altogether unattainable for me :)

May 11, 2009

pledge is effing hilarious

daronsgirl81505: ill tell you if you friggin answer meeeee
longview203: oh hi
longview203: sorry i was in the shower
longview203: i know, not something you're familiar with
longview203: let me explain, there is a giant tub and next to it is is a spout with rushing hot water out onto whoever is standing under it
longview203: most people use this bar thing called SOAP, somep people use shower gel though, i know, it can get pretty complicated
longview203: let me know if you need me to slow down

I love...

Laughing... Its prob my favorite thing in the world to do.... for sure it is my favorite thing to do ever. 

side note: Even though I told my flat mates that they would like pledge because she is tiny (and yes that is the reason I told them they would like her)... they wouldnt like her if they ever found out she likes green day. 

I also love side notes! Its like you are talking about something and then you stop for a sec and talk about something else... then you go back to the orig. convo. 

I also like abrevs.

i love..

...esp green day right now.
i hate you pledge for making me like gd
you know i love you for it tho...haha

I know one thing I for sure love

Talking to Jenna and Scolesies when they are super drunk and telling me about the hot guy I should look up... the one on the Australian quadriplegic rugby team.... 

yeah thats love

god knows what

im glad my comp remembered my passwd cuz i wouldnt have.

-i know nothing of least not btwn me and some guy. however, i know what general love is. and i love everyone on this blog to death legit. like, i would take a bullet for any of my dinos. i love you guys so much. my mom is like, so happy i have such good friends, and i love love love how my friends will defend me, even to my mom. love it. i actually was like blah to whatever love posts were written cuz i was like 'ok this shit is too serious.' haha...ok. basically, i love my dinos. period. i pretty much love music more than anything right now. i want to lock myself in a room and listen to it all the time. no shit. im so weird about music that i feel like i would lose friends if i told ppl the extent of how much i loved it. ok im done. night.

i love how that was a bullet point...but it was only one bullet point. yesh.

May 8, 2009

ryan just farted on me in his sleep. what the truck.
Something funny
Woahshhh. Feelin' the love. Hahaha. Okay, it wasn't that funny. Anyway, I agree with all of you basically, except Scolesies. Actually, I don't remember what you said anymore but I remember I didn't agree with all of it. Like, just because you fall out of love with someone doesn't mean you never loved them. I think you can love someone at one point in your life and then move on later and not love them. Idk, you'd probably know better than me. Also, I think you just know when you love someone. Most of the time anyway. I mean I guess I've never been "in love" but even from a friend/family standpoint. Like, I know that I love my dad. I don't think there is anything he could do short of killing someone that could change that. And we fight A LOT. I mean he didn't abuse me or anything hahah but, we have definitely gotten in some bad fights. I just feel like there is hardly anything he could ever do that I couldn't not forgive him for you know? Also, I love you! Yes, you! Reading this right now!! Haha, unless of course someone let Peggy on this blog (that was a joke Laura, and anyone else who pretends to like that girl). Anyway, really, P-gig and I get along better now. Weird. I don't hate her or dislike her. Just the things she says. So, back to the love. I feel like I love all of you for different reasons in different ways. Idk. Okay, I can't talk about this anymore. I don't know what else to say and now I feel weird. Someone say something funny. Lauren....

May 7, 2009

l bin, everyone loves when you post, no one is annoyed. the point of this blog was to stay in touch and write out whatever thought you were thinking. and so...if you don't write out whatever thoughts you are thinking, you are not using the blog appropriately.

i like being serious and funny at the same time too. i was the first person my best friend from home really confided in. and she says that's because we could have a serious conversation but be laughing the whole time. and that is pretty sweet. and that is mostly how it is with you kids. when we went through shit this semester, we laughed too. t's can make serious funny, but still not take away from ther serious. i have to have a serious conversation with my parents when i get home and i wish it could be funny too, but i know it won't.

i thought i was in love once, but now that i fell in love again, i don't think it was love the first time. i really feel that it was pseudolove. it was just the strongest i ever felt about someone at that point. but i think different people have different levels of love. like, what i feel is love it not necessarily what someone else feels is love. one time when i was little i asked my mom how i knew what a cramp felt like and how everyone knew that everyone felt the same pain when they said they had a cramp. and i think it's like that.

maybe there should be symptoms for love? like...that's how you tell someone is depressed, no? you have x of the amount of symptoms. i suppose no one feels the need to make love that objective, and i don't think it should be, but i'm just saying.

if someone falls out of love with you, but you still love them, how do you fall out of love? like, is it just because they hurt you, and so then you're just done?

i don't really like that bible quote from first corinthians because it is so overused, but i do appreciate it. i believe that love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. i don't know if love never fails. maybe not - marriages and relationships just end when people fall out of love? is falling out of love the same as love failing? iiiii don't know.

there is this john denver song (haha...i know john denver is just funny). anyway, the first time i heard it this dude was playing it acoustic on a guitar and it was sweet, one of those perfect moments you look back on. but the really version is like...opera style. anyway, i really like some of the lyrics for some reason.

"perhaps love is like the ocean
full of conflict, full of pain
like a fire when it's cold outside
or thunder when it rains"

i don't know. that makes it sound so...harsh. but i think love isn't this fluffy thing, i think it requires work and patience and...other things. selflessness and stuff.

i think i have more to say, but i can't find it in my brain.


Sometimes I think .... oh does it get annoying that I post shit all the time. That would suck for you people. Sorry. But at the same time its like I like doing it so I dont care if it is boring for you. Also, im like I hope you people dont judge me ... then I remember its you people. 


We should have a code name for that substance Jenna and scolesies got in trouble for. I dont know why I think that. 


Basically I agree completely 

If love is not measurable do we even know if it exists. Is it something we make up in our minds because it sounds like it would be great and we want to experience but we cant. 

I dont know. Its weird how we know people who love someone so much that they stay together for so long and are still happy together. Yet we know people who love each other but one cheats on the other one. Do most people just settle for what they think is love and that is why they are willing to cheat and that is why they realize they dont love the other person even after being together for so long?

Yet at the same time I know I love my family and my friends because when I think about loosing them I get so upset. I would do almost anything for the people I love in a friendship/family way. Even when my family makes me mad I know I love them. And this is a more concrete love for me. Like I cant describe how it feels but I know it exists. 

Love in a romantic form is completely different though! It has to be. I dont know what it is like because I have never experienced it... but I have felt glimpses of it and I can tell it is baller. 

You would think though that love between two people would be equal. Like if one person loves another that person loves them back. It doesnt always work that way though. I know lots of times when one person "loves" another person but the person they love does not love them back. Why would that ever happen???? It does not make sense!! It does not make sense in a psychological or societal sense either. Like why would that happen. There is no benefit of it at all. 

Also, why do people love each other but their relationship doesnt work out? That doesnt make sense either. There is no benefit in that either. I know a few people who love someone for a while and then they decide its not going to work or its not working anymore and they break up. So why would this happen? is it a continuum and they realized that there are people they love more? Thats shitty. I dont want to love someone and have them realize i'm not good enough. That would suck! I dont want to be a 10 in someones love scale when I could be a 100. But why would the love scale not be equal? 

And how come some people find someone they lobe when they are 60! Other find someone they love when they are 16. That doesnt make sense either. I dont want to wait much longer. Its a long wait. 

I have a fucking cat scratch on my arm mother fucker. That is a side note. 

But yeah. I dont know. What does everyone else think? Love as a whole does not make sense. It is different for everyone. I want to know what it is like though. I mean it is wonderful having wonderful friends and I love you all, but I want so bad for someone to really love me and for me to love them. 

Oh man this shit is like serious and I dont like being all serious a lot. Most of the time I like joking around but really I like being serious. Its kind of nice sometimes. Its like I realllllly like having deep conversations. I think people are legit when they can talk for real with me and like really think about things. And being sensitive is baller. I hate black and white. I like people who can be for real sensitive and at the same time joke the fuck out of things. I like to never take anything seriously but at the same time take everything seriously. That does not make sense but to me it makes a lot of sense. 

I can't sleep and was being all contemplative

I hate that there are things in life which cannot be quantified, measured, or even described: abstract phenomena occurring every day to every one but which possess no central qualification, no exact definition. Water can be quantified. Air can be measured. A chair can be described. Love, however, provides humanity no such luxury. How do we know if we love someone? If we think we love someone and we believe we love someone, does it make it so? When you say “I love you” how do you know if you are telling the truth? It is easy to know if you’re lying and you say it, but what if you believe you love someone but have no proof? I used to say, “I love you” to a boy I thought I loved, and, for all I know, may have actually loved. Either way, I awoke one winter morning, sat straight up in my bed, and knew, with great certainty that I did not love him any longer, that is if I ever really did. The suddenness of the change threw me, how can something so seemingly powerful—albeit intangible—be so inconsistent? If I could fall out of love so quickly, was I ever in love in the first place? Did I persuade myself into thinking I was in love and when my self-made delusion ended so did my pseudo-love for him? Or maybe I really loved him. Maybe my whole heart and self did love him—how is one supposed to know, especially when it ends. If it ends at all does it mean that it wasn’t really the love which you once thought? If you don’t really know what love is, and you don’t know if it was, how can you know when it is again? If you can’t define something, how can it be real? I would like to think I am in love, but there is a part of me that is unsure. There is a part of me holding back; reserving some of what I feel is my love for fear that if I give it away and the “love” ends, I won’t be able to get it back, and thusly shouldn’t have given it in the first place because if it ended, it wasn’t love…or was it? And did it end because I couldn’t spare the last corner of my heart for fear it wasn’t the love I thought it might be? Things which cannot be quantified, calculated, measured, described, or defined should not be allowed to exist; they quite simply make my quite simple life rather complicated.

Funnel Vision

So i just used the beer bong funnel to help blow up my air mattress. Then i played with it in spreads' room. I put it on my head and did a little dance step like the tin man in the wizard of oz. I made awesome noises that sounded kinda nasty through it. Then i looked through it, i looked at people's heads through the little round end and it was cool, 'cause all i could see were their heads! Crazy! Then i looked at spreads' pictures on her wall and i was like, woah, this is amazing bc when i try and look at the wall just normally i get distracted and can't look at any one picture---BUT WHEN I LOOK THROUGH THIS IT"S AMAZING; LIKE I HAVE TUNNEL VISION OR SOMETHING!

After which spreads said, "no, you have funnel vision"

After which much laughter and merriment ensued.

PS I am straight sober and have been all day. Hard to believe, I know, especially with how stupid this post is, but I swear to ungod that I am completely one hundred percent for real legit not drunk! Haha

Peg...the fish

How can fish be assholes? Fish don't do anything.
If a fish were an asshole to me, I'd drown it...with air...
---by l flynn

May 6, 2009

hiccups are not baller.


I may... or may not have been drunk when  I wrote the post below...


Wedges are baller

Bowling would be baller if I were good

Beer is baller when you drink a lot

Parties are baller

My friends are super baller... I mean you people

Its not baller when I want to hang with you people and you arent here

Reading your posts is baller

Baller is baller

Word is baller

I feel ridiculous writing this and it is kind of baller 

Macs are baller

Its baller when all my flat mates use there macs in the living room at the same time

Nicknames are baller 

Funny things are baller

Im going to stop now

May 5, 2009

i have been barefoot all day. amazing.

the music in starbucks right now is...horrible.

americans are such holiday kleptos.

Bin Thoughts

Hey Pledge and L Flynn... even if you werent planning on battling you should. I always enjoy a good battle. 

Scolesies what if that woman was depressed and suicidal and she wasnt really judging you she was just happy because you showed her she wasnt the only one... but she was just so depressed and suicidal it looked like a judge. 

Thats all I can think of right now. 

May 4, 2009


So I was at the Library in Noblesville getting some reading material and music to get me through the first few weeks of summer. While I was checking out, I thought that the lady at the checkout place was judging me by my choice of books and music. I feel like she thought I was a lost soul, depressed, and borderline suicidal. My charming mix of atheist nonfiction, Sylvia Plath poetry and her biography as well as a smattering of Steinbeck. I wonder if she was sad for me because she thought I was so sad and depressed. I love Sylvia Plath, I'm not depressed, I don't want to kill myself, and the librarian can keep her emotional yet judgmental glances for someone else.
hey little flynn - are we battling? is that why you tried to claim my milk carton as yours?

Dear Laura,

Most people have a lot more stuff than you. I think that's great that you can have as little stuff as you do. Sometimes I wish I could do that. Actually, a lot of the time I wish I could do that. But, then I think about how much I like clothes and some of the stuff I have. Also, yes I see your point about the moving in thing. But, just because its not the way you do it, doesn't mean its wrong or less efficient. I don't think that people need their parents to help them move it, but sometimes its nice to have the extra hands. I think that's where most people are coming from. Its actually probably more efficient for their family members to come and help because they have more stuff. Plus, if someone doesn't have a car here their parents may be just coming to pick up them and their stuff. Anyway, I just think their is more too it then people not being old enough to move out.

p.s.- Didn't your parents or one of them or something help you move into your house last year?
i don't know how i feel about boys with messenger bags, i don't think i like it.

i don't understand why people need their parents to help them move in and out. i have never had this luxury, except when i moved into college the first time. we are all over 18, it isn't that biig of a deal. i especially don't understand how people fit more in tri delta than can fit in thier car. i think these people are just inefficent packers. or stupid. no offense.


Pledge: umm we drove by 38th street and jenna's dad was like "ohh pledge are you working tonight? jenna, do we have to dump pledge off at work?"

Me: ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!

May 3, 2009

How to change your AIM status to AWAY!

Because some people dont know how to do this yet.

(I actually dont know how to do this on a PC... so this is going to be wrong)

1. Click on your aim buddy list where it says Available.

2. When the scroll down menu pops up click on Away.

May 2, 2009

i hate when you open a banana and part of it falls off and the floor is uber dirty because freaking a roommate moved that day. and then you can't eat the part that fell on the floor, but you normally would. but not when it is hairy and dirty and you can see the grime.

i always wonder if people are doing things because they want to do them or they think that they should/it is the right thing to do. i really...mostly do what i want. and if i put effort into something it is because i want to. and if i don''s cause i don't. i wonder if everyone did whatever they wanted if the world would be a better or a worse place. like...maybe there would be less self-absorbed people because people wouldn't always be doing things for them because they thought they should, and the self-absorbed people would be like...oh i'm lame, i should change my self-absorbed ways.

i get odd satisfaction out of french braiding my hair, it's pretty sweet.

i want to get drunk but i have to studyyy.

I love my life... especially when jenna writes a sweet blog...Thoughts

This is a response to Jenna's EPIC response to my epic blog. Go down* and this time I am talking to pledge.

1. Who do you think I am... I am for real legit enough to "deal" with living in Naptown. Also, What states have you been to? I guess not many if you are defending the Indians... I mean Hoosiers of Indianan. (Little shout out to pledge in there) 

3. Maybe I do live for that t-shirt. Basically every time Mike come out of his room with a T-shirt on im like .... I want that. 

5. Um... Its not really the 4th of July here.... Just thought I would clear that one up.

6. Jenna you have already found the physical thing to put on your wall... Its just so close to your face you forgot about it.... its pledge of course... that is the ultimate thing to have hanging on your quote wall. 

Side I spelling Jenna wrong? Because its telling me I am. 

Side note to the side note ... when I typed out Jenna for the first time I wrote Jenaa... 

- I am foreign ... kind of 

- I dont know what tweetering is. I mean i have heard of it but it sounds boring. I dont know. 

- Even if I liked being whipped I dont think I would bring my whip to a party and tell people I like being whipped.... Im just saying. 

- If there was a contest like a beuty contest but to it would be to find the most baller person, I would enter it... but then so would Scolesies... and she would beat me because she is super baller. 

i the soda club...

this is a long blog...mostly devoted to el bin! go down* it like it is in response to el bin's epic blog.
*pledge when i say go down i don't mean on a big black dick.

1. you have to be legit enough to "deal" with living in naptown for an extended period of time to be a swanger. by the way...i think that when people hate naptown that it is such a dumb thing. i mean seriously...where are you going to go and where are you going to afford to live that has the benefits of naptown? (pledge...where would you work?) ooo..."boo indiana"...fuck you. tell me a place in the midwest that is better. ill go there and judge for myself. all i know is that wisconsin is not as cool, basically because it is much colder there...and this wisconsin pride bullshit is...bullshit.

by the listening to this song from some old green day album...paper lantern i think it's called...sounds like american idiot before american's basically the song but in a demo version...GD GD!

2. you need a pink floyd tshirt...and so do i. i hear DGs outside of TD...i want to hit them. is that not panhellenic? oh no doesnt matter. ungreek rules. muahahaha...

3. yeeeesh i get it. muahaha two instead of 2. i feel like el bin lives for that t-shirt.

4. i enjoy when i go somewhere and there is a handle of vodka and then...we take it...because we are poor and homeless. haha...right sco?

5. i wish i had all my fireworks here for the 4th of july. i legit have 50 bucks worth of illegal fireworks from last 4th of july. why is it may here and july there? i know its only like a day ahead in new zealand but i'd like some explanations. im not falling for this BS. haha

6. the piece of seat on your quote wall makes me want to put something physical on my quote wall...what should i put on it? i have no clue...but when i see it i will know that it is meant for the wall.

7. don't fuck with the quote wall or the southside...just don't...

bonus thoughts...

-i like when el bin says flat foreign. so awesome.

-can i just say that i hazed pledge by putting hella smoke in her mouth twice!?!?! hahahaha...she coughed. it was hilarious.

-blogging is better that tweeting bc you get more than 140 characters to speak your mind. ps. lbin why dont you have a twitter?

-what should i do with my parents tomorrow? (today) they want to do things...what should we do? i think it's odd that i havent seen my mom since new years and im like 'yo mom, whats up?' shouldnt i have missed her more? i am a "sick and twisted individual."

-why am i listening to green day? they must be legit if i'm listening to them. esp american idiot (the album)...if i think it's good...then it is GOOD.

-speaking of green day, jesus of suburbia is so GOOD. ill defend it to the's good shit! god damn. i am so drunk that i thought the song ended at 5 min 24 sec. what was i thinking? haha geeeez. "o therapy can you please feel a void?" gah im an asshole.

-i love how the last stall in the td bathroom with the pledge quotes is SO popular that there wasnt TP before but now there is...basically bc someone took it in there from another stall...basically bc they wanted to read the epic pledgified toilet times.

-i wish i could tweet whenever i wanted to...cuz there would be some legit tweets happening...i wish i could remmeber them all! grrr...(el bin get a damn twitter. NOW!)

-gah longest blog ever. boo.

May 1, 2009

Bin Thoughts

If Naptown wasnt in Indiana I would probably move there when I grow up so I could be a real Naptown Swanger. 

I want a Pink Floyd t- shirt... like real bad.

My flat mate has a t-shirt that says "clones are people two" Hahahahahaha! Get it?

I enjoy when you go to a party and find a bottle of vodka on the counter sitting next to a bottle of sprite and you pick then up and drink them  out of the bottle because you cant find a cup. 

Im having a 4th of July barbecue today. Baller.

The piece of seat hanging on my wall makes me laugh.

My flat mate Gabbi wanted to straighten out the quote wall. Whoa hang on! I dont think so! You cant just go organize a quote wall.... the best part is the randomness of the placement. Duh! 


You really cant ask for a better rugby game than one where you have 4 beers, a seat gets broken behind you (and the piece of seat is now hanging on your quote wall), and a streaker.