May 12, 2009

A Couple of Repsonses

-L-bin: You cannot love abbreviations because then you're pickle and pickle is a dipshit. Next thing we know you come back from the NZ saying shit like awk. and def. and ungod knows what else and you turn into your crazy ass little. So no. You have to renig that statement about abbreviations. Pronto.
-Jenna: I can appreciate your love of music as my love for music, from the minute details of composition to the way the bass beats in my sternum, to the way the words seem to say things that can change is the shit
-Also to Jenna: i think it's good to have a mix of serious and retarded. you can't be either all the time because if you had one but not the other you could never appreciate either one of them
-Katie: You are hilarious all the time. Why are you not here. I miss you
-To all: I love and would do anything for all of you, no questions asked. I'd defend you until I was blue in the face, which hasn't ever happened to me before, but I'm assuming it takes a really, really long time to turn blue.
-Also, I have multiple bullets points for multiple comments which is so not as cool as having an arbitrary one bullet point for one comment, but oh well, I never tried to be as cool as Jenner because that's just unreasonable and altogether unattainable for me :)

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