May 2, 2009

i the soda club...

this is a long blog...mostly devoted to el bin! go down* it like it is in response to el bin's epic blog.
*pledge when i say go down i don't mean on a big black dick.

1. you have to be legit enough to "deal" with living in naptown for an extended period of time to be a swanger. by the way...i think that when people hate naptown that it is such a dumb thing. i mean seriously...where are you going to go and where are you going to afford to live that has the benefits of naptown? (pledge...where would you work?) ooo..."boo indiana"...fuck you. tell me a place in the midwest that is better. ill go there and judge for myself. all i know is that wisconsin is not as cool, basically because it is much colder there...and this wisconsin pride bullshit is...bullshit.

by the listening to this song from some old green day album...paper lantern i think it's called...sounds like american idiot before american's basically the song but in a demo version...GD GD!

2. you need a pink floyd tshirt...and so do i. i hear DGs outside of TD...i want to hit them. is that not panhellenic? oh no doesnt matter. ungreek rules. muahahaha...

3. yeeeesh i get it. muahaha two instead of 2. i feel like el bin lives for that t-shirt.

4. i enjoy when i go somewhere and there is a handle of vodka and then...we take it...because we are poor and homeless. haha...right sco?

5. i wish i had all my fireworks here for the 4th of july. i legit have 50 bucks worth of illegal fireworks from last 4th of july. why is it may here and july there? i know its only like a day ahead in new zealand but i'd like some explanations. im not falling for this BS. haha

6. the piece of seat on your quote wall makes me want to put something physical on my quote wall...what should i put on it? i have no clue...but when i see it i will know that it is meant for the wall.

7. don't fuck with the quote wall or the southside...just don't...

bonus thoughts...

-i like when el bin says flat foreign. so awesome.

-can i just say that i hazed pledge by putting hella smoke in her mouth twice!?!?! hahahaha...she coughed. it was hilarious.

-blogging is better that tweeting bc you get more than 140 characters to speak your mind. ps. lbin why dont you have a twitter?

-what should i do with my parents tomorrow? (today) they want to do things...what should we do? i think it's odd that i havent seen my mom since new years and im like 'yo mom, whats up?' shouldnt i have missed her more? i am a "sick and twisted individual."

-why am i listening to green day? they must be legit if i'm listening to them. esp american idiot (the album)...if i think it's good...then it is GOOD.

-speaking of green day, jesus of suburbia is so GOOD. ill defend it to the's good shit! god damn. i am so drunk that i thought the song ended at 5 min 24 sec. what was i thinking? haha geeeez. "o therapy can you please feel a void?" gah im an asshole.

-i love how the last stall in the td bathroom with the pledge quotes is SO popular that there wasnt TP before but now there is...basically bc someone took it in there from another stall...basically bc they wanted to read the epic pledgified toilet times.

-i wish i could tweet whenever i wanted to...cuz there would be some legit tweets happening...i wish i could remmeber them all! grrr...(el bin get a damn twitter. NOW!)

-gah longest blog ever. boo.

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  1. 2. We can be as absolutely brutally unpanhellenic as we damn well please...and it's awesome. Getting kicked out of teed is not without its benefits (lol)
    4. i am not sure if we are hella resourceful, or hella klepto, i think it's the latter
    Also, Flat mate is about the most legit thing l bin could ever say and it makes me laugh whenever she says it.