May 11, 2009

god knows what

im glad my comp remembered my passwd cuz i wouldnt have.

-i know nothing of least not btwn me and some guy. however, i know what general love is. and i love everyone on this blog to death legit. like, i would take a bullet for any of my dinos. i love you guys so much. my mom is like, so happy i have such good friends, and i love love love how my friends will defend me, even to my mom. love it. i actually was like blah to whatever love posts were written cuz i was like 'ok this shit is too serious.' haha...ok. basically, i love my dinos. period. i pretty much love music more than anything right now. i want to lock myself in a room and listen to it all the time. no shit. im so weird about music that i feel like i would lose friends if i told ppl the extent of how much i loved it. ok im done. night.

i love how that was a bullet point...but it was only one bullet point. yesh.

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