May 12, 2009

i hate airports that don't have free wireless. get with the program!

my itouch is awesome. i downloaded a podcast this morning that was video and i watched it on my flight to baltimore. woord.

i wonder if grades have been sent home yet.

on my first flight (i'm flying southwest so there is no assigned seating) i was the last person to get on the plane cause i was e-mailing. and there were three seats on both sides of the isle, so everyone just leaves the middle seat open because in our culture we have a phobia of other people for some reason. anyway, i was like poo i'm going to have to sit in the back! lame. i shouldn't have e-mailed so much!! but there was a seat in the forth row (a window seat even!! my favorite) next to this older dude and i don't know why no one sat next to him cause he was cool. he was doing a crossword and that prompted me to do one too! yesh. and he even let me go out of the plane before him. all those people that walked by him really didn't know what was up.

i hate it when people have my alarm as their ringtone cause it just makes me hella jump every time.

baltimore is sunny right now. the sweet thing about airporsts is they have a lot of windows. i would like a room that is windows on three sides. although, my room with windows on two sides was cool. i don't understand people who keep the blinds closed all the time. i really really like natural light.

why are those half-sneakers still on the market? clog seakers. what the truck.

i just called my house to make sure someone would pick me up when i land and both my parents answered the phone. i love/hate when they do that cause it is hilarious but also corny/weird.

i have had onion breath for like...many moons.

i had a bunch of celery at buffalo wild wings the other day...i think i might be over my problem with that.

i can see someone with ryan's sneakers! aieeee! (why are those still allowed to be sold?)

what did people do in airports before cell phones?

i always want to see people i know in airports, but it hardly ever happens. only once. ooh...actually twice. once time was pamela in detroit and the other time was this kid from my high school on a flight to indianapolis (he goes to iu).

it's always so sweet to see people with red sox hats on. feels like home.

thin mints are my favorite girl scout cookie.

i don't think airplane neck pillows look very comfortable.

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