Jun 28, 2009

i don't really think that things happen for a reason. i think people want to think that way and use it as a coping mechanism and stuff but i think life is pretty...uncontrollable. and definitely how things work in life is incomprehensible.

i don't really like the thought that i could have gone to any university and eventually met people i love as much as my dinos, but maybe. i think if i went somewhere else i would have been shaped in a completely different way. but i didn't really go to butler for any reason. i didn't even want to go.

i don't think big, catastrophic bad things like almost dying in a motorcycle accident happen so things like your family driving more carefully can occur. i mean, that is a byproduct but not reason enough in my mind for the accident to occur in the first place.

i think there are a million different paths our lives can take and all the decisions we make, big and small, determine which way our life goes. i could have made the decision to go to another college, but i would be a different person and my life would be on another path.

this was all more eloquent in my head.

Jun 27, 2009


just like pledgie said on twitter, i also miss my core. its great having 2 of them here, but its not the same without everyone being together! i miss the other half of the core!!!! boosh:-(


No one ever responded with their thoughts on things happening for a reason. Im just curious about what you guys think.

Jun 22, 2009

all blacks game?

so i am on the phone with pledge and i tell her about this "all blacks game" post and she looks it up on the blog and all of a sudden she goes "ooooooo..." she was very excited. it was awesome. but i dont think it means what she thinks it means.

Jun 21, 2009

I Hazed Pledge!

Pledge: this guy at work on fri was like "i'm going to call you quiet katie cause you never talk"

El Bin: omg

Pledge: and i do! he's just never aroudn

El Bin: god that is like my least favorite joke EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


because then i get even quieter

Pledge: i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah like what do you say to that?

El Bin: yeah

Pledge: i was just like "i do, but you're on the other side of the office" and he was just like (jokingly) "well speak up"

El Bin: god

im just want to be like i would talk but you are so annoying and i can never get any words in

Pledge: hahahaha

El Bin: but i never think of that when it actually happens

Pledge: haha


i just hate it when ppl who dont even know me peg me as quiet

like you dont even know that we never had a chance to have a real convo

plus maybe i just don't have anythign to say to you

El Bin: yeah

im like who cares if i am quiet anyway

does it bother you?

because that doesnt make any sense

Pledge: right


El Bin: god!!!!!!!

Pledge: what

El Bin: i was just being pissed about stupid people who make me want to be quieter

Pledge: oh haha


Pledge: so when she called you 10 min later was she at home or something?

El Bin: no she was at work

Pledge: wait

so this was before she went?

El Bin: no after

Pledge: she went to work after?

El Bin: yeah a few hours later

Pledge: oh they wen t to lunch?

El Bin: yeah i think so

haha actually i have no idea what you are talking about

Pledge: omg


i'm totally typing in the wrong aim box

El Bin: i know

that was fucking amazing

Pledge: hahah

i'm seriously laughing out loud now

El Bin: haha i cant believe that went on for so long

do it again i was having fun

Pledge: lol

El Bin: im still laughing

Pledge: omg me too

El Bin: i just hazed the shit out of you

Pledge: omg

you sooo did

save that to show jenna

Jun 20, 2009


Releasing roosters onto the rugby field periodically during an All Blacks game = funny.

Jun 18, 2009


The cat just climbed up my face...

you may be asking yourself: "wait El Bin how does a cat climb up a persons face"?

The answer: With its claws. 

Don't worry ice made the bleeding stop and the swelling go down a little. 

Oh and for future reference I would have to say the worst place to have cuts on your face would have to be on your lips. 

Jun 17, 2009

mocha battled with a full grown cow. mocha lost, but i still love her.

Jun 14, 2009

Awesome ..

My flat mates spent the last week planning and drinking lots of tea so that they could hide the tea bags all over my room while I was gone. My favorite so far has to be the smiley face of tea bags I found when I pulled back my duvet.... or maybe the one tacked to the ceiling so I cant reach it. 

Jun 13, 2009

did you know that all of china is in one time zone? time zones are so weird. necessary, but poorly laid out, or so it seems. i guess it is up to individual states/countries and there is no international time zone authority, but it doesn't make sense that you can drive north in india to nepal and go back in time.

the other day this guy came through the drive-thru at work and i couldn't give him the information he wanted and he was pissed and he said "thanks for nothing" and drove away. i had his twenty bucks and his medication. whoooops. he had fingerless leather driving gloves. these are not terribly uncommon in my experience of giving people drugs directly to their car.

i haven't listened to music much at all since i've been home, it's very weird. i just haven't felt like it. not that i am opposed to it, i just never put it on. but...i have never been that person! so weird.

today i went with my parents out to look at cars, because they are probably going to buy one, but not for me. i don't want a car of my very own to pay insurance on and maintain. anyway, it's weird that since i was there the car sales people would always ask if they were buying a car for me. ha. can't a girl just go out with her parents?? at one dealership, i said no, and the salesman asked me what kind of car i drove. i said a bike. he did not understand this. my dad thought he was an asshole. then we went out to dinner. then we went to other car dealerships after they were closed. this is better because you don't have to talk to anyone, but you can see what cars they have on the lot. crafty, no?

my grandpa's calf got stolen. who steals a cow? he was really upset. this whole calf debacle prompted me to wonder how my grandpa got his cows pregnant, because he hasn't had any bulls in a long time. turns out they sell cow sperm and he injects it into his cows when he wants more cows. he drove to vermont to go get another calf and it's handfed. i haven't met this new calf yet, but i am pumped. i'm going to take mocha to meet him soon.

Jun 4, 2009

you people would like Duff...

"you're right..how else would we pick up 16 year olds that look like they have down syndrome? we need her."


Jun 3, 2009

i wonder...

i wonder if i'm still one of the favorite blogs of the 'what would sarah ida do' blog. haha.
What are your thoughts on "things happen for a reason"?

38th street.

i feel really out of place when i roll up to the 38th st rally's drive thru with cracka music on.

quote of the day

i first heard it on SNL...it is from a judge judy skit...cheri o'teri is one of the greatest snl cast members ever


also, this is the title of one of judge judy's real books. haha.

i just think that this is such a great quote, and it should be integrated into society and be just as popular as twitter.
At work I had to fill out this form. One section was to fill out your ethnicity. The only choices were "Hispanic/Latino" or "Not Hispanic/Latino." Is this normal?

Jun 2, 2009

devil ipod saga

lbinning1321: i feel like your ipod should stop playing when you put it in your computer
daronsgirl81505: yes it should
daronsgirl81505: wth is wrong with your comp
lbinning1321: also, it just like skipped to the first song
lbinning1321: and then like i cant turn it off
daronsgirl81505: is it frozen
lbinning1321: omg my ipod is possessed
lbinning1321: ok so i am seriously scared of my ipod now
lbinning1321: it may be trying to kill me
daronsgirl81505: look up on google how to do a hard shutdown
daronsgirl81505: or you could just ask pledge. she is good at hard shutdowns
lbinning1321: that will just make it madder
daronsgirl81505: nosh it wont
lbinning1321: yes... it has grown a mind of its own
daronsgirl81505: nosh
lbinning1321: i should lock it up while i sleep
lbinning1321: the worst part is its playing ac/dc right now
lbinning1321: ass hole
lbinning1321: it knows i dont even like them
daronsgirl81505: haha thats because it is at the beginning of the alphabet
lbinning1321: no its because my ipod is pissed at me
lbinning1321: fuck
daronsgirl81505: mine always plays acdc first
lbinning1321: jenna dont try and make me feel better
lbinning1321: this is a serious situation
lbinning1321: if i stop talking... call the police
lbinning1321: its 111 here
daronsgirl81505: hahahahaha
lbinning1321: tell pledge i love her and tell mal she is baller. tell scolesies she can have my spot on the bed and my place in soda club..... and most important of all you need to carry on the soda tradition and beat the shit out of pledge. serve sushi at my funeral. you can bring white castle too.
daronsgirl81505: lmao
lbinning1321: fuck i cant write a paper... when my ipod is trying to kill me
lbinning1321: cant take my eyes off of it
daronsgirl81505: flip it over
lbinning1321: im scared to touch it
daronsgirl81505: DAMMIT EL BIN
daronsgirl81505: YOU ARE 50% OF SODA CLUB
daronsgirl81505: YOU ARENT A PLEDGE.
daronsgirl81505: YOU CAN DO IT
lbinning1321: i did
daronsgirl81505: i knew you would

side note: conan just said 'tom hanks is coming out here soon!' and 90% of the audience cheered. then he said 'and green day is coming out later!' and like 10% of the audience cheered. haha.
sometimes i always think about taking a nap, especially during class. but when i get home from class, i always get distracted from taking one...hell, i even read a book today! wth

Jun 1, 2009

sometimes, i wonder what a swanger is. sometimes i think a swanger is a swinger, but then i realize it is spelled differently.

i think that everyone should try really hard to fall in love with someone of a different race and then someday the world will be all the same race. but people will still try to have races cause...people are weird. but more people have inter-racial marriages now than before, so eventually there will be only one race if we keep on going this way. but it will take a long time. i wish i could travel in time to that time just to see what it is like.
sometimes when i type in naptown swangers, i think about being a swanger. 
sometimes when i type in naptown swangers, i think about taking a nap.