Jun 13, 2009

did you know that all of china is in one time zone? time zones are so weird. necessary, but poorly laid out, or so it seems. i guess it is up to individual states/countries and there is no international time zone authority, but it doesn't make sense that you can drive north in india to nepal and go back in time.

the other day this guy came through the drive-thru at work and i couldn't give him the information he wanted and he was pissed and he said "thanks for nothing" and drove away. i had his twenty bucks and his medication. whoooops. he had fingerless leather driving gloves. these are not terribly uncommon in my experience of giving people drugs directly to their car.

i haven't listened to music much at all since i've been home, it's very weird. i just haven't felt like it. not that i am opposed to it, i just never put it on. but...i have never been that person! so weird.

today i went with my parents out to look at cars, because they are probably going to buy one, but not for me. i don't want a car of my very own to pay insurance on and maintain. anyway, it's weird that since i was there the car sales people would always ask if they were buying a car for me. ha. can't a girl just go out with her parents?? at one dealership, i said no, and the salesman asked me what kind of car i drove. i said a bike. he did not understand this. my dad thought he was an asshole. then we went out to dinner. then we went to other car dealerships after they were closed. this is better because you don't have to talk to anyone, but you can see what cars they have on the lot. crafty, no?

my grandpa's calf got stolen. who steals a cow? he was really upset. this whole calf debacle prompted me to wonder how my grandpa got his cows pregnant, because he hasn't had any bulls in a long time. turns out they sell cow sperm and he injects it into his cows when he wants more cows. he drove to vermont to go get another calf and it's handfed. i haven't met this new calf yet, but i am pumped. i'm going to take mocha to meet him soon.

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