Jun 2, 2009

devil ipod saga

lbinning1321: i feel like your ipod should stop playing when you put it in your computer
daronsgirl81505: yes it should
daronsgirl81505: wth is wrong with your comp
lbinning1321: also, it just like skipped to the first song
lbinning1321: and then like i cant turn it off
daronsgirl81505: is it frozen
lbinning1321: omg my ipod is possessed
lbinning1321: ok so i am seriously scared of my ipod now
lbinning1321: it may be trying to kill me
daronsgirl81505: look up on google how to do a hard shutdown
daronsgirl81505: or you could just ask pledge. she is good at hard shutdowns
lbinning1321: that will just make it madder
daronsgirl81505: nosh it wont
lbinning1321: yes... it has grown a mind of its own
daronsgirl81505: nosh
lbinning1321: i should lock it up while i sleep
lbinning1321: the worst part is its playing ac/dc right now
lbinning1321: ass hole
lbinning1321: it knows i dont even like them
daronsgirl81505: haha thats because it is at the beginning of the alphabet
lbinning1321: no its because my ipod is pissed at me
lbinning1321: fuck
daronsgirl81505: mine always plays acdc first
lbinning1321: jenna dont try and make me feel better
lbinning1321: this is a serious situation
lbinning1321: if i stop talking... call the police
lbinning1321: its 111 here
daronsgirl81505: hahahahaha
lbinning1321: tell pledge i love her and tell mal she is baller. tell scolesies she can have my spot on the bed and my place in soda club..... and most important of all you need to carry on the soda tradition and beat the shit out of pledge. serve sushi at my funeral. you can bring white castle too.
daronsgirl81505: lmao
lbinning1321: fuck i cant write a paper... when my ipod is trying to kill me
lbinning1321: cant take my eyes off of it
daronsgirl81505: flip it over
lbinning1321: im scared to touch it
daronsgirl81505: DAMMIT EL BIN
daronsgirl81505: YOU ARE 50% OF SODA CLUB
daronsgirl81505: YOU ARENT A PLEDGE.
daronsgirl81505: YOU CAN DO IT
lbinning1321: i did
daronsgirl81505: i knew you would

side note: conan just said 'tom hanks is coming out here soon!' and 90% of the audience cheered. then he said 'and green day is coming out later!' and like 10% of the audience cheered. haha.

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