Jun 21, 2009

I Hazed Pledge!

Pledge: this guy at work on fri was like "i'm going to call you quiet katie cause you never talk"

El Bin: omg

Pledge: and i do! he's just never aroudn

El Bin: god that is like my least favorite joke EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


because then i get even quieter

Pledge: i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah like what do you say to that?

El Bin: yeah

Pledge: i was just like "i do, but you're on the other side of the office" and he was just like (jokingly) "well speak up"

El Bin: god

im just want to be like i would talk but you are so annoying and i can never get any words in

Pledge: hahahaha

El Bin: but i never think of that when it actually happens

Pledge: haha


i just hate it when ppl who dont even know me peg me as quiet

like you dont even know that we never had a chance to have a real convo

plus maybe i just don't have anythign to say to you

El Bin: yeah

im like who cares if i am quiet anyway

does it bother you?

because that doesnt make any sense

Pledge: right


El Bin: god!!!!!!!

Pledge: what

El Bin: i was just being pissed about stupid people who make me want to be quieter

Pledge: oh haha


Pledge: so when she called you 10 min later was she at home or something?

El Bin: no she was at work

Pledge: wait

so this was before she went?

El Bin: no after

Pledge: she went to work after?

El Bin: yeah a few hours later

Pledge: oh they wen t to lunch?

El Bin: yeah i think so

haha actually i have no idea what you are talking about

Pledge: omg


i'm totally typing in the wrong aim box

El Bin: i know

that was fucking amazing

Pledge: hahah

i'm seriously laughing out loud now

El Bin: haha i cant believe that went on for so long

do it again i was having fun

Pledge: lol

El Bin: im still laughing

Pledge: omg me too

El Bin: i just hazed the shit out of you

Pledge: omg

you sooo did

save that to show jenna

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