Jun 28, 2009

i don't really think that things happen for a reason. i think people want to think that way and use it as a coping mechanism and stuff but i think life is pretty...uncontrollable. and definitely how things work in life is incomprehensible.

i don't really like the thought that i could have gone to any university and eventually met people i love as much as my dinos, but maybe. i think if i went somewhere else i would have been shaped in a completely different way. but i didn't really go to butler for any reason. i didn't even want to go.

i don't think big, catastrophic bad things like almost dying in a motorcycle accident happen so things like your family driving more carefully can occur. i mean, that is a byproduct but not reason enough in my mind for the accident to occur in the first place.

i think there are a million different paths our lives can take and all the decisions we make, big and small, determine which way our life goes. i could have made the decision to go to another college, but i would be a different person and my life would be on another path.

this was all more eloquent in my head.

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