Jul 31, 2009

pledge talk

once again...more hilarious pledge quotes.
for the record: we were talking on the phone and she was completely sober.

"shes's an idiot. i cant wait to see her"

"come riley. do you want an ice cube? youd better give me a kiss, or else i wont give you an ice cube"

"oh my gosh. i had a really good thought today, and i hope it comes true."

"where did my cereal go??...maybe i ate it....Oh here it is!!!!!!"

on the same note, i found this convo on my phone between me and el bin (el bin and i) that we had on aim, and it is great. i am describing pledge's private plane.

daronsgirl81505: omg it is crazy. she has male black flight attendants for...well you know. it also has a bar for tequila, a king size bed that is hella comfy, and a sweet sound system for blasting green day.

Jul 26, 2009

chatting with pledge

longview203: i can't believe they did christie raod
longview203: and f.o.d.
longview203: ahhhh
daronsgirl81505: hey could you do me a favor
daronsgirl81505: could you fuck off and die
daronsgirl81505: thanks
longview203: lol
daronsgirl81505: wait dont
daronsgirl81505: stop!
daronsgirl81505: dont really do that!
longview203: too late
daronsgirl81505: fuck
daronsgirl81505: are you dead?
longview203: this is the ghost of pledge
daronsgirl81505: well fly your ass to indy
longview203: okayyy
daronsgirl81505: hurry, it should take like 2 seconds since you are dead
daronsgirl81505: lets get wasted when you get here
longview203: ghosts don't drink
longview203: shit
daronsgirl81505: ghosts can do whatever they want dammit!
longview203: okayyy

Jul 25, 2009

This just in...

Yeah the other Lauren Binning is from another country. So suck it.

Here's the thing lFlynn

Facebook is worldwide.... So basically All those other LBins could be from other countries.

Jul 24, 2009

that's all cool and stuff but...it's based on statistics. and so it can be wrong. which it is. go to facebook and type your name in.


but your name is baller, because our nicknames rhyme. and i don't know why no one gave you a nickname before me.

Whoa!! My name is BALLER!

Jul 23, 2009

I should just keep going with this I guess

I for some reason thought I was turning 21 a lot sooner than I really am.

I like baking

I dont like stepping in puddles with bare feet when you dont know how the puddle got there and you have a dog.

Its weird how things change. I cant explain really what I mean. But if someone could figure out how to see inside my head they would understand really what I am saying.

it really pisses me off when my toes crack open on the crease on the bottom when I wear not real shoes. It hurts.

My dad thinks I cuss to much. I think I need to cuss more.

There are tons of fucking annoying people in this world... and a lot of crazies too. Sometimes I wonder where all the normal people are hiding.

Apple is baller.

I had this dream where I needed a huge dog to save me and everyone kept bringing me little shit dogs and I was like no!!! I need a huge dog. It was really frustrating. Anyway, I want a mastiff puppy now. Too bad things cost money.

Basically every day it seems people become more obsessed with money. What the fuck people.

My computer and the lamp are making this freaky rainbow thing. But like in squares instead.


Stop stealing my identity. Its rude.

L Flynn...

Some people like to have two forms o birth control f just to be safe. So I mean like if you told her about the condoms thats cool but its better if she had the pill as well. Just saying.

Also, insurance is fucked.

and I have been in this weird mood lately where I am scared of a lot of things. Its not a good mood to be in. I think I might be stressed I dont know... that doesnt make sense.

I am also like really sad lately because pledge keeps blowing off our p-dubs and I miss her like a sandwich misses cheese or something like that that goes together really well. You know?
i miss my swangers too.

connecticut (my house, not little flynn's rich southern homestead) is farther than flordia. but it is sad that you are all alone.

people are dumb about their birth control. this girl last night at work couldn't get hers because her insurance didn't cover it and when i told her this she was like "so what am i supposed to do, just not have it?" and i said that she could pay the entire price or drive to a pharmacy in massachusetts where her insurance would work. and i wanted to tell her that the condoms were in aisle 13b but i didn't. she had a lot of 'tude. i should have told her that pledge has more sex than anyone and gets along fine with no birth control.

also...i went the the bar the other night just for a few beers with lily. and i saw a million people from high school, but i thought it was pretty dumb that i'm this old and haven't been out in my hometown so we went. anyway, then i locked my keys in the car and my dad had to come get me. hahahaha...i suck. it was hilarious and awful.
i miss my swangers.
if my calculations are correct, i am technically supposed to be the furthest from naptown in the summer, yet i am the only one left in naptown. what gives? haha

Jul 21, 2009

You know those baby beauty pageants?

Where they dress up the little 3 year olds and they look super creepy? 

I was just thinking we should enter pledge in those. If she wins we could make a lot of money. 

She will have to learn a dance or something though. 

Jul 14, 2009

today, i helped gut a 39 inch fish. it was awesome. i identified the guts, assuming fish anatomy isn't too different from mammal anatomy. minus the gills and stuff.

i miss you truckers. i'm going to moon you all so bad!

Jul 10, 2009

I have a sister (and I'm not talking about you guys)

Okay, so last night I had a dream that my mom had a baby. It was so weird. I was like "What?! Mom, there is a 21 year age difference, don't you think that's weird?!" And she was like "ehh, no, I mean not really." and I was like "This is nuts! You're nuts!!" But then I saw the baby and it was soo cute. Her name was Michelle. Like the little sister in full house.

Jul 5, 2009


well when stuff goes down and you are trying to cope with it and get over it, it is a lot easier when things make sense. trust me.

Jul 4, 2009

i think we find reason so that we can make sense of things. cause it's human nature to make sense of stuffff.

today at work, i rang out this guy who bought his perscription, which was $3 or so, and $200 in best buy gift cards. he paid with nine cvs gift cards of $25 each. apparently, he does this frequently. this is crazy! he is clearly scamming cvs, but i don't know how. maybe he just stole a pack of gift cards and figured out how to activate them somehow and make them all $25. anyway, i think i would be more okay with it if he was ripping off cvs to pay for prescriptions or if he was smart about it and didn't go to the same store every time or used it to buy toliet paper and the things people need that cvs sells. but no. this is all very intriguing to me. i mean, stealing is bad, and this guy is not good at acting like he knows what he is doing cause he gets all twitchy and nervous and stuff, but the whole thing is interesting/crazy.

Jul 3, 2009


Things don't happen for a reason; we examine our lives, what has happened, etc. and extract reason from it. It's how we learn and grow. We find reason where reason does not exist in order to change, adapt, and become the people we are--otherwise we'd always stay the people we were.