Jul 23, 2009

I should just keep going with this I guess

I for some reason thought I was turning 21 a lot sooner than I really am.

I like baking

I dont like stepping in puddles with bare feet when you dont know how the puddle got there and you have a dog.

Its weird how things change. I cant explain really what I mean. But if someone could figure out how to see inside my head they would understand really what I am saying.

it really pisses me off when my toes crack open on the crease on the bottom when I wear not real shoes. It hurts.

My dad thinks I cuss to much. I think I need to cuss more.

There are tons of fucking annoying people in this world... and a lot of crazies too. Sometimes I wonder where all the normal people are hiding.

Apple is baller.

I had this dream where I needed a huge dog to save me and everyone kept bringing me little shit dogs and I was like no!!! I need a huge dog. It was really frustrating. Anyway, I want a mastiff puppy now. Too bad things cost money.

Basically every day it seems people become more obsessed with money. What the fuck people.

My computer and the lamp are making this freaky rainbow thing. But like in squares instead.

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