Jul 4, 2009

i think we find reason so that we can make sense of things. cause it's human nature to make sense of stuffff.

today at work, i rang out this guy who bought his perscription, which was $3 or so, and $200 in best buy gift cards. he paid with nine cvs gift cards of $25 each. apparently, he does this frequently. this is crazy! he is clearly scamming cvs, but i don't know how. maybe he just stole a pack of gift cards and figured out how to activate them somehow and make them all $25. anyway, i think i would be more okay with it if he was ripping off cvs to pay for prescriptions or if he was smart about it and didn't go to the same store every time or used it to buy toliet paper and the things people need that cvs sells. but no. this is all very intriguing to me. i mean, stealing is bad, and this guy is not good at acting like he knows what he is doing cause he gets all twitchy and nervous and stuff, but the whole thing is interesting/crazy.

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