Jul 26, 2009

chatting with pledge

longview203: i can't believe they did christie raod
longview203: and f.o.d.
longview203: ahhhh
daronsgirl81505: hey could you do me a favor
daronsgirl81505: could you fuck off and die
daronsgirl81505: thanks
longview203: lol
daronsgirl81505: wait dont
daronsgirl81505: stop!
daronsgirl81505: dont really do that!
longview203: too late
daronsgirl81505: fuck
daronsgirl81505: are you dead?
longview203: this is the ghost of pledge
daronsgirl81505: well fly your ass to indy
longview203: okayyy
daronsgirl81505: hurry, it should take like 2 seconds since you are dead
daronsgirl81505: lets get wasted when you get here
longview203: ghosts don't drink
longview203: shit
daronsgirl81505: ghosts can do whatever they want dammit!
longview203: okayyy

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