Jul 31, 2009

pledge talk

once again...more hilarious pledge quotes.
for the record: we were talking on the phone and she was completely sober.

"shes's an idiot. i cant wait to see her"

"come riley. do you want an ice cube? youd better give me a kiss, or else i wont give you an ice cube"

"oh my gosh. i had a really good thought today, and i hope it comes true."

"where did my cereal go??...maybe i ate it....Oh here it is!!!!!!"

on the same note, i found this convo on my phone between me and el bin (el bin and i) that we had on aim, and it is great. i am describing pledge's private plane.

daronsgirl81505: omg it is crazy. she has male black flight attendants for...well you know. it also has a bar for tequila, a king size bed that is hella comfy, and a sweet sound system for blasting green day.

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