Jul 23, 2009

i miss my swangers too.

connecticut (my house, not little flynn's rich southern homestead) is farther than flordia. but it is sad that you are all alone.

people are dumb about their birth control. this girl last night at work couldn't get hers because her insurance didn't cover it and when i told her this she was like "so what am i supposed to do, just not have it?" and i said that she could pay the entire price or drive to a pharmacy in massachusetts where her insurance would work. and i wanted to tell her that the condoms were in aisle 13b but i didn't. she had a lot of 'tude. i should have told her that pledge has more sex than anyone and gets along fine with no birth control.

also...i went the the bar the other night just for a few beers with lily. and i saw a million people from high school, but i thought it was pretty dumb that i'm this old and haven't been out in my hometown so we went. anyway, then i locked my keys in the car and my dad had to come get me. hahahaha...i suck. it was hilarious and awful.

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