May 14, 2009

Hokay, so...

I think the real reason I haven't posted lately is because I, unlike yourselves, did not have very much procrastinating to participate in at the end of the school year.

There was this love discussion earlier that I totally missed out on. However, I (as always) have my own two cents to add. Even though Sco spurred the discussion based on the intangible qualities of love, I think that the love we dinos have is the most tangible sort of love on the market. I always wonder why romantic love relationships can't be more like friendships. We put up with a lot more shit, expect a whole lot less and are more willing to compromise when it comes to our friends. I guess it's "just not that deep". Perhaps, however, this love model is better than whatever it is we think of when we think of romantic love. All the best relationships (and I mean moms & dads and such) seem to extract this friend-love in order to sustain success, don't you think? Perhaps this romantic love thing is all just infatuation, chemical transaction and a general figment of the imagination. Maybe dino love is the only real sort of love. If this is the case, I hope that we can all someday find another dino to add to the family. If he's not dino material, ladies, something's missing!

I miss Laura. I keep thinking it is her coming down the stairs, but it's not! It's slowly settling in that she is gone. But, L. Flynn, you would be proud of how clean our house is! Haha.

Jenna and I had 1/2 of the Pinstripes over last night. They were legit. I drove one to the bus stop at 4AM when it was pouring down rain. I think it maybe messed up my car. So much street flooding.

One word: BALLER.

I think I am the best Billie Joe this Pink House has ever seen.

I promise not to be so lame in the future. AKA I will blog more often.

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  1. when i was looking up love, spurred by that love discussion, the internets told me that romantic love only lasts a couple years and then it turns into more friend love, but that some couples can keep their romantic love alive for longer. so maybe moms and dads and such have got the friend love part with a little romantic on the side?

    after looking that up, i decided never to click on the psychology of love ever again. because i am enjoying my romantic/friend/whatever love.