May 15, 2009


Okay, now that's love. With lots of hearts. Right there. An L. Bin and an L. Flynn reply SO QUICKLY! AWWW! Pledgey got in on the action too. She just didn't know it. Is it possible to blog-haze her? I think we might have just blog-hazed her.

JFK, Sco, Drog and I crashed Spreadies and Casey's party tonight. We were being loud with gin on a Thursday. Tell me what is wrong with this picture, someone.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button made me think of Mike. I think I decided I need to stop trying to change whatever the heck we were, stop trying to dislike him over it and start to embrace him as shaping who I am. He did. I wish he wouldn't be so... distant, but there is little that can be done about this.

Green Day is not a good band. East Jesus Nowhere is a great song, though. Actually, now that I think of it (stop me if it's too heinous), I think I might actually LIKE Green Day. (YIKES!)

Is it weird that I find comfort in my foot smell? I don't like it. It's just comforting. Like, "Oh yea. Things are still normal. My feet still smell like dog shit."

Oh yea, the real world does not exist!

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