May 2, 2009

i hate when you open a banana and part of it falls off and the floor is uber dirty because freaking a roommate moved that day. and then you can't eat the part that fell on the floor, but you normally would. but not when it is hairy and dirty and you can see the grime.

i always wonder if people are doing things because they want to do them or they think that they should/it is the right thing to do. i really...mostly do what i want. and if i put effort into something it is because i want to. and if i don''s cause i don't. i wonder if everyone did whatever they wanted if the world would be a better or a worse place. like...maybe there would be less self-absorbed people because people wouldn't always be doing things for them because they thought they should, and the self-absorbed people would be like...oh i'm lame, i should change my self-absorbed ways.

i get odd satisfaction out of french braiding my hair, it's pretty sweet.

i want to get drunk but i have to studyyy.

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