May 30, 2009

How I found out I have no friends...

Jenna: what is your name again?

LBin: lauren binning

wait are you serious

Jenna: yea

LBin: you dont know my name?

Jenna: it took me a second

im kinda buzzed

LBin: i thought we were like best friends


Jenna: youre el bin!

LBin: you forgot my name is lauren


Jenna: lol what

its the same thing with pledge, scolesies, and big

and mlk

i mean what the hell are your names


LBin: omg


Jenna: haha

i mean i was joking...kind of

it just took me a second

Lbin: god

Jenna: lol


LBin: i cant believe this is happening to me

Jenna: what?

LBin:you forgot my name

Jenna: haha whatever

stop being lame i was kidding


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