May 12, 2009


Of course you were mistaken/ sarcastic or whatever you said. Duh i'm not really turning into pickle... because as you said I have a baller amount of street cred. Im so baller I can say baller more than three times in one post and it still sounds baller. I can even, baller, insert baller into a sentence that doesn't even belong with a baller.... and its baller. Also, when people (like scolsies) say redic things about me. I have to defend my rep. Its what happens when you are this baller. 

p.s. Pledge is funny ALL the time. You are right about that. 

Also, Jenna is super legit. I wish I could be that cool too. I wish that a lot. I also wish I could be as cool as you (Scolesies). And the bullet point was sweet!! Made me laugh a lot.... and that is one of my favorite things. Baller. 

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