May 28, 2009

i recently purchased a pair of designer skinny jeans at a stellar price. they came in the mail today. before mallory goes nuts, i don't know how i feel about them. when i see people wear skinny jeans i think ooh, nice. like...most of the time i actually like how they look on the other person. but i don't know man...they are weird. it is weird for my calves to be restricted. also they are a little long.

i don't know when i became a person insecure about my own style. somewhere around freshman year, but then i was cured in ireland, and it came back last year. weird. so days it's fine, but usually not when i am going on a date or buying something considered stylish. otherwise, i'm happy left at my own devices.

also, my hair is now the length of j'little's. i put it in a ponytail today and it was so bouncy. usually i hate this length on me, but it is easy to put in a bun and will be easier to straighten (cause i do that so often?). and...yah. whatever. many less dreads will form. hahaha. i celebrated the bounciness by moving my head back and forth and saying bouncy bouncy bouncy. my mom did not appreciate this.

i'm felt like myself for the first time since i got home. it came in flashes...but better than nothing.

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