May 7, 2009


Basically I agree completely 

If love is not measurable do we even know if it exists. Is it something we make up in our minds because it sounds like it would be great and we want to experience but we cant. 

I dont know. Its weird how we know people who love someone so much that they stay together for so long and are still happy together. Yet we know people who love each other but one cheats on the other one. Do most people just settle for what they think is love and that is why they are willing to cheat and that is why they realize they dont love the other person even after being together for so long?

Yet at the same time I know I love my family and my friends because when I think about loosing them I get so upset. I would do almost anything for the people I love in a friendship/family way. Even when my family makes me mad I know I love them. And this is a more concrete love for me. Like I cant describe how it feels but I know it exists. 

Love in a romantic form is completely different though! It has to be. I dont know what it is like because I have never experienced it... but I have felt glimpses of it and I can tell it is baller. 

You would think though that love between two people would be equal. Like if one person loves another that person loves them back. It doesnt always work that way though. I know lots of times when one person "loves" another person but the person they love does not love them back. Why would that ever happen???? It does not make sense!! It does not make sense in a psychological or societal sense either. Like why would that happen. There is no benefit of it at all. 

Also, why do people love each other but their relationship doesnt work out? That doesnt make sense either. There is no benefit in that either. I know a few people who love someone for a while and then they decide its not going to work or its not working anymore and they break up. So why would this happen? is it a continuum and they realized that there are people they love more? Thats shitty. I dont want to love someone and have them realize i'm not good enough. That would suck! I dont want to be a 10 in someones love scale when I could be a 100. But why would the love scale not be equal? 

And how come some people find someone they lobe when they are 60! Other find someone they love when they are 16. That doesnt make sense either. I dont want to wait much longer. Its a long wait. 

I have a fucking cat scratch on my arm mother fucker. That is a side note. 

But yeah. I dont know. What does everyone else think? Love as a whole does not make sense. It is different for everyone. I want to know what it is like though. I mean it is wonderful having wonderful friends and I love you all, but I want so bad for someone to really love me and for me to love them. 

Oh man this shit is like serious and I dont like being all serious a lot. Most of the time I like joking around but really I like being serious. Its kind of nice sometimes. Its like I realllllly like having deep conversations. I think people are legit when they can talk for real with me and like really think about things. And being sensitive is baller. I hate black and white. I like people who can be for real sensitive and at the same time joke the fuck out of things. I like to never take anything seriously but at the same time take everything seriously. That does not make sense but to me it makes a lot of sense. 

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