May 15, 2009

yesh yesh yesh yesh

so mlk's thought about mike and that movie is so legit. i am slowly embracing this crazy situation i have been going through and just saying, 'well, i have grown a lot from this.' now i know whats important. i learned that i should stop trusting people who are idiots. i learned not to devote myself so much to something because there is always a potential of getting hurt. i learned who my real sisters were. i learned to knit, haha. i learned how much more mature i am in situations than the people who think they are being mature and making the right choices. i learned how unfair life can be sometimes, and i learned how unbelievably unprofessional certain national organizations are. i learned how much i actually loved music, and i also learned how to live in a living room. haha. i learned what dino love is, that is the real 'DL.' :-)

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