May 4, 2009

Dear Laura,

Most people have a lot more stuff than you. I think that's great that you can have as little stuff as you do. Sometimes I wish I could do that. Actually, a lot of the time I wish I could do that. But, then I think about how much I like clothes and some of the stuff I have. Also, yes I see your point about the moving in thing. But, just because its not the way you do it, doesn't mean its wrong or less efficient. I don't think that people need their parents to help them move it, but sometimes its nice to have the extra hands. I think that's where most people are coming from. Its actually probably more efficient for their family members to come and help because they have more stuff. Plus, if someone doesn't have a car here their parents may be just coming to pick up them and their stuff. Anyway, I just think their is more too it then people not being old enough to move out.

p.s.- Didn't your parents or one of them or something help you move into your house last year?

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