May 2, 2009

I love my life... especially when jenna writes a sweet blog...Thoughts

This is a response to Jenna's EPIC response to my epic blog. Go down* and this time I am talking to pledge.

1. Who do you think I am... I am for real legit enough to "deal" with living in Naptown. Also, What states have you been to? I guess not many if you are defending the Indians... I mean Hoosiers of Indianan. (Little shout out to pledge in there) 

3. Maybe I do live for that t-shirt. Basically every time Mike come out of his room with a T-shirt on im like .... I want that. 

5. Um... Its not really the 4th of July here.... Just thought I would clear that one up.

6. Jenna you have already found the physical thing to put on your wall... Its just so close to your face you forgot about it.... its pledge of course... that is the ultimate thing to have hanging on your quote wall. 

Side I spelling Jenna wrong? Because its telling me I am. 

Side note to the side note ... when I typed out Jenna for the first time I wrote Jenaa... 

- I am foreign ... kind of 

- I dont know what tweetering is. I mean i have heard of it but it sounds boring. I dont know. 

- Even if I liked being whipped I dont think I would bring my whip to a party and tell people I like being whipped.... Im just saying. 

- If there was a contest like a beuty contest but to it would be to find the most baller person, I would enter it... but then so would Scolesies... and she would beat me because she is super baller. 

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