May 7, 2009

Funnel Vision

So i just used the beer bong funnel to help blow up my air mattress. Then i played with it in spreads' room. I put it on my head and did a little dance step like the tin man in the wizard of oz. I made awesome noises that sounded kinda nasty through it. Then i looked through it, i looked at people's heads through the little round end and it was cool, 'cause all i could see were their heads! Crazy! Then i looked at spreads' pictures on her wall and i was like, woah, this is amazing bc when i try and look at the wall just normally i get distracted and can't look at any one picture---BUT WHEN I LOOK THROUGH THIS IT"S AMAZING; LIKE I HAVE TUNNEL VISION OR SOMETHING!

After which spreads said, "no, you have funnel vision"

After which much laughter and merriment ensued.

PS I am straight sober and have been all day. Hard to believe, I know, especially with how stupid this post is, but I swear to ungod that I am completely one hundred percent for real legit not drunk! Haha

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