May 21, 2009


I think I need to get rid of twitter because no one has posted on this in a long time and that makes me sad. 

Fish and chips are good.

Its nice when it is rainy and you dont have anything to do and you can just sit in bed. 

Im making toast right now.

I just took a quiz to find out what american accent I have.... apparently I am from Connecticut or NY. If I were from Connecticut I would be from the richest part like Pledge. 

Also, according to the quiz I just took... I could be a pirate... duh didnt need a quiz to tell me that. 

P.S. its 10am and raining outside and I dont have class... and I am in bed taking online quizzes... dont make fun of me you wish you were doing the same.

I'm more masculine than feminine. 

I feel like this is about the point you all will stop reading this post... if you havent already.. but I am going to keep writing. 

I would be vanilla ice cream .... bull shit... boring

I think I know the answer to this one....

I scored a 74% on a spelling test... not bad... for me

I dont know why the internet thinks I am such a nice fun person... cuz i'm not:

I bet pledges aura would be brown... mal would be like rainbow... Laura would be green... jenna would be like blue... duh! and Scolesies would be yellow green and orange all mixed together to make one sweet ultimate crazy color that no one else could ever be... or red. 

My flat mates just told me I look like a crack whore... awesome 

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