Jan 28, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Why am I always right and everyone always wrong? Its hard work being so insightful. I should charge people who talk to me. I should offer my advice to those less fortunate than me. 

I think Scolesies is right about talking with our minds. That would be scary though. Ever since I watched What Women Want I get scared sometimes that people know what I am thinking. when that happens I think something like... if you can hear me raise your hand... just so I can make sure they cant hear me. No one ever does it though. 

I want to be a nudist. I dont like being naked in front of people though. I just dont like wearing clothes. 

People who have matching christmas tree ornaments freak me out. What is wrong with them?

People who say "its the thought that counts" never got Barbie pencil sharpener party favors for their 16th birthday.

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