Jan 28, 2009

Bin Thoughts

I used to want to work at a grocery store so bad because I love scanning things.

I am going to get a chameleon and name him Leonard and he will be cool. Chameleons change colors and that is cool. 

Oklahoma is the worst state of all bad states. I even hate how it is shaped. Actually I dont remember what it looks like but I have a picture in my head. I may be thinking of somewhere else though. 

Hazing has improved my life by at least 27%.

I love dogs, but not the little ones. I want to step on little dogs heads. If I ever Carry my dog in a purse around a public area please shoot me. 

Why do people talk to me?

I like the smell of White Castle because it smells like Jenna. 

Good thing JCrew makes clothes for kids, because Katie wants to have 8-10 of the. How little will little Flynn's kids be?

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