Apr 6, 2009

baby jenner thoughts...BETOCHES!!!!!

So 'betoch' is beotch (I think), but spelled incorrectly. I'm pretty sure it is my favorite word right now. My least favorite word: sackless.

Did anyone else know that Pledge has a book out about her life? Google it. I didn't know she was lost. If I knew this, I probably wouldn't haze her as much. Eh, who am I kidding. I would definitely haze her more. I bet nobody has read her book because nobody cares about her life.

There was a bag of chicken nuggets in the TD fridge labeled "nugs"...does anyone else find this as funny as I do?

I am using the top of my laptop as a cheese holder. The slice of cheese shakes when I type. It is awesome.

I just want some cheese. I am so glad Scolesies brought me cheese.

I'd like it to be warm soon so I can have fun outside...and so I can be warm inside...betoch!!!

Pledge is in Cincinnati. Wonder how many points she has acquired since she has been there...

I cant wait for school to be over so I can get over the betoch bullshit without being distracted.

I saw the big n today. She walked into the kitchen, and I just ignored her. I haven't seen her in weeks. My blood pressure shot up when she walked into the kitchen though. The best part is that we were p-dubbing...and when she left the kitchen she shut the door!

I'm so glad that Scolesies brought me two more slices of cheese.

I want to visit El Bin!!! Guess what El Bin? We made a Pledge quote board a while ago! I'll post some good quotes when I am back at TD.

I think I am going to fail my spanish class.

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