Mar 11, 2009

what is with adults who sit around and talk shit about their families and fellow passengers in the airport right now?
i don't care what your wife busted you putting in your grocery cart the other day. grow up, buy whatever you want, don't marry women who don't let you get cheeze-its damn it.
also - this chick with these two guys that i want to tell to shut up is talking about her awkward years and they just said "i don't know what you are talking about." this is not a freaking new idea - everyone has awkward years. you truckers are apparently still in them, because you always know when you were awkward looking back on it.
i'm so glad i'm not a middle aged old man with a pot belly who apparently singed his eyebrows in high school chemistry.

i am an airport charity case today. first, my sister somehow persuaded me to print my boarding pass before i got to the airport and i was like okay whatever - it's you ink. but i only printed page 1 of 1. turns out, that first sheet you print is you interary. i don't care - it isn't hard to freaking remember two flights. so..i give it to the security guy and he's like "uhh... do you have your ticket" and i asked if that was it and he said no. and then i was like "guess i'd better go get it then" and he laughed. so i go get it, no big deal. and when ig et up there again he asks me if i had any trouble and i told him i didn't and that was what i usually did and that i shouldn't have tried to change my routine. then! i'm walking to my gate and somehow i drop my jacket and i don't notice it at all. some guy follows me a bit calling me miss and stuff (way better than ma'am, awesome). and he's like oh i think you dropped this. word. then! i'm walking the five feet to a seat to sit in and this other guy comes after me and hands me my boarding passes (that i worked so hard to print out). apparently they fell out of my pocket. thank goodness i was in the south, we're everyone is pleasant and nice. snort. but really, i have no complaints about these oh so nice peoiple in the airport. glad the public took care of me, cause clearly i could not do it myself.

it's funny how drawing calms me down more than writing a lot of the time. especially because i have no artisitic talent. i suppose music has the biggest effect in terms of calming or feeling emotions though. playing or listening. i need to bring my trombone to school. my roommates would love it. i don't have any real musical talent either - but "i dig music."

this airline has decided to give out free drinks again. and...entire cans of juice! or maybe that's just on this flight cause there are only twelve people on it and if i just got a cup of tomato juice, no one else would want the rest. cause there are not many people, get it?

four and a half days was the perfect amount of time for me to actually be gone during spring break, since so many (but not all) of the people i love are at home right now. i have been hardcore looking forward to my return to indianapolis. but i definitely had fun in north carolina.

spring is my favorite season because things bloom. and i love that day when all of a sudden everything is green. so cool. i know a lot of people like autumn, but i don't get why. yah, things are pretty but stuff is just dying. and it will live again, but the leaves! so sad. the birds stop chirping, boo. i love it when the birds start to chirp again. and the first time you can open your windows. and smell outside. mmmm.

i drooled over nectarines in the grocery store yesterday. lucky north carolina with nectarines in the grocery store already. too bad they wouldn't be ripe for a couple days. and they were hella expensive.

drinking games always get me trashed. i guess i should specify - card drinking games. oy vey. if i go to formal, i am going to start drinking way before it starts and then just try to keep my buzz. because...i don't want to be drinking fast and then have it all hit me. or maybe, i will make my date buy me drinks cause i'm old enough now. ha.

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