Mar 12, 2009

Bin Thoughts

I should clean my room.

I really cant stop thinking how much freakin fun we would have when you all come to visit. You should ride on a horse plane. It is free. 

I am going kayaking tomorrow. If I die Scoliesies can take my spot in Soda club. 

When you are at the bottom of a mountain it looks bigger than when you are at the top.

I'm cold.

I get free washing and drying. Hahahahahahaha. Lovely. 

Almost everyone has posted about being in an airport. 

Laura thinks avocados are good. She is right. 

Looking at J Crew is not fun without pledge. So I havent looked.

The people I live with are funny. The other day I heard Mike say to Josh. "yeah, girlfriends are great. You should get one. They do stuff like make you breakfast." It would be funnier if you knew them. Also a different day I came home and Mike was cutting cardboard. I was like what are you doing. He was like i am making an eagle costume. Also Josh plays the bagpipes and the celtic guitar. He got a really sweet beer poster because he ordered in Russian to the Russians at the Beer Festival. 

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