Mar 10, 2009

Bin Thoughts

Some day we should lock pledge in a human size gerbil cage with a wheel and see what she does.

Sheep are the funniest animals I think I have ever seen. Why dont more people own them as pets?

Every time I put my head phones on that are attached to my computer I realize I need something that is just out of my reach. 

sitting on the end of my own bed is not nearly as satisfying as the end of pledges bed. Which is really my bed anyway so I guess that doesnt really make much sense. 

I want someone to make muffins for me.

Make friends with the jewish people across the street. They give you lots of food.

If I had a crystal ball what would I see you guys doing right now? Do I want to see?

I cant think of anything better than playing marry, date, dump until 4 am. 

My flat mate thinks that light sour cream is the worst tasting thing ever. Mallory thinks Light Ranch is the worst tasting thing ever. Mallory and Mike should fight. 

New Zealand has different spellings for things. So suck it. I have an excuse now. 

Today in class we had to say where we were from and one thing we liked about it. I was the only American. I couldn't think of anything I like. What a good impression. 

Rock of Love was playing on TV here the other day. No wonder people hate Americans.

You know how there are dating web sites? There should be a website for people to meet people to make out with in public.

There is a bar located in the student union here. Word.

Word is one of my favorite words. I dont say it here because I dont want people to know how weird I am quite yet. 

I bet little Flynn sleeps with a pillow by her feet so she doesnt miss me quite as much. 

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