Mar 16, 2009

why do people spell mcdonald's macdonald's? didn't they sing old mcdonald had a farm when they were little? or is that just a poor people song?

today in class this kid was wearing a visor. i do not understand visors. i suppose i get them kind of chicks, because you need some place to put your ponytail. and it's annoying in a hat if your hair is all on your neck and stuff, speaking as someone with a lot of hair. i however, chose a headband or something instead of a visor. mostly because i am not heinous. but for guys, i do not understand a visor. they are hats with the head cut out! what the truck. they look weird. i do not like visors.

i also don't understand why people think the bathroom should smell good. especially shared bathrooms. a lot of people poop. actually, everyone poops. no one has good smelling poop, and some people have poop that smells worse than other people's poop. but either way, poop will never smell good. we should just not have the expectation that the bathroom needs to smell good. and it won't be such a big deal. now, i don't particularly like the smell of poop, but i find with good ventilation that it dissipates quickly enough and that i don't need to spend hours in a bathroom anyway. i can smell a bad smell for the few minutes it takes me to use the bathroom. i smell smells that smell not good on a regular basis, but that we don't spray chemicals into the air to mask. like, gasoline. i do not like that smell. but there is not freaking air fresheners at the gas station. because it just smells like that. the point of it is to supply gas, so you expect it to smell like gas. the point of a bathroom is a nice place to poop and urinate. so why don't we expect it to smell like poop from time to time. it is only chicks and effeminate men that have this problem.

you want to know something that smells really bad? stomach bile. i took care of bile and urine everyday for an entire summer and did not spray an air freshener once. i think stomach bile smells worse than poo.

i'm going to take a bath now, i hope the bathroom still smells like j'little's vomit. that would be a comforting and lovely smell.

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