Feb 2, 2009

baby jenner super bowl thoughts

If I were a pittsburgh steeler fan, I would hate myself.

If I was ever a Green Day pledge I would hate myself. Even though I’d be rolling in dough.

When me and Scolesies have a house senior year, we are going to revamp international gin Tuesdays, and have international power hour Tuesday. However, gin will still be required. I haven’t told her about this yet, but I’m sure she will be ok with it.

Old people are funny when they try and play sports and try and act cool. They are also funny when they wear goggles while playing volleyball.

Asian faculty members are hot when they’re playing volleyball. And wearing black athletic shoes with black socks.

50% of soda club members upped their slut points by 50% within about 8 days.

I need to bring a basketball to work so I can shoot hoops in Hinkle…all alone…Hinkle all to myself. Wow. I love my job. Technically I could say that I get paid to play basketball In Hinkle. Sweet.

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