Feb 25, 2009

Ode to the Dinosaurs

I figured since Flynn wrote a poem I should too so instead of paying attention last class I wrote this poem...and instead of paying attention in this class I'm going to post it!

The Dino Family

Dinosaurs both big and small
Are greater by far than any at all;
Not giraffes or bunnies or whales,
A family that will never fail.
There's Jenna, crazy, wild and free,
Then firey, fiesty, little Katie.
Scolesies, oh that dirty girl,
Legit. now we will say no more.
Flynn the queen of the concussed
Does her best to always say "truck"
MLK, who's tight as hell
Will give advice and booze as well
And last but certainly not least:
L-Bin way out in old New Z.
The words "ASSHOLE" and "OH MY GOD"
Are not the same when she is gone

A family by choice and not by blood
Bound by love and, of course, P-Dub...

So shut the fucking door!

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